Flying First Class to Lisbon

When booking a first-class vacation to Europe, many people overlook one of the most beautiful cities — Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is a coastal city and serves as the capital of the country. Its claim to fame is the economic powerhouse corporations, cultural experiences, and beautiful year-round weather. 

Lisbon is a global city with plenty to offer, from vibrant nightlife to stunning ocean views. And arrival at Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS) in the center of town highlights the opportunities available. 

Of course, international travel first-class has some travelers worried about their bank accounts. But unlike other destinations, premium tickets are lower than other European destinations. Plus, when you partner with Business Class Experts, you can access business-class and first-class tickets at lower prices than you can find online. Here’s what it looks like to fly with popular airlines to Lisbon!   

Booking Your First Class Flight

Flights to Lisbon are not quick trips, and flying from big American cities, like Chicago or Washington, D.C., will have you in the air for an average of 8 hours. If you’re flying from the west coast, like San Francisco, you’ll spend 12 hours. And Alaska? Expect 19 hours or more. With so much time in the air, you should make some essential considerations before spending big bucks on a first-class flight ticket. 

  • Airport location – Naturally, large cities have more flights and better airfare pricing. Several popular airport locations with flights to Lisbon include Boston, Miami, Newark, and New York. Even between JFK and EWR, there could be vast price differences, despite being relatively close. 
  • Layovers – Portugal flights typically have layovers, even from the largest airports. However, the number of layovers, the duration, and the airport location all factor into the comfort of your trip. A popular tool is Google Flights, which allows you to filter flights based on layover length or city.  
  • Round-trip availability – It may seem like a standard feature, but round-trip availability could make or break your experience. You want to be able to come home the day you need! Additionally, you could also check for multi-city availability if you plan to extend your trip across the rest of Europe. 
  • Amenities – Flying first class is all about the perks. Expect dedicated check-in and security lanes, access to airport lounges (the Lisbon airport has two), and priority boarding. In-flight, you can experience lay-flat seats, chef-inspired multi-course meals, amenities kits, and elevated privacy. Plus, many airlines provide generous baggage allowances, arrival lounges, and a fine liquors menu. 
  • Flight deals – Departure dates and airports impact the price the most, but other factors can contribute to overall costs. An excellent flight deal can make a massive difference in vacation decisions. And many travel agents make it a point to offer extras like hotel or car rental deals to sweeten the price. 

Once you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a first-class flight to Lisbon, be sure to partner with Business Class Experts for the best travel deals. You can find tickets in premium cabin classes at a fraction of airline-direct prices, even on last-minute flights

Airlines with First Class Flights to Lisbon

While TAP Air Portugal is the home airline for Lisbon, other notable airlines, like British Airways and Air Canada, offer routes to the country’s capital. Let’s explore some other popular airlines that provide first-class tickets. 

American Airlines

American Airlines is one of travelers’ favorite carriers, and with the Flagship First experience for flights to Lisbon, we can see why. Before you board, you have private check-in counters and security lines to whisk you through to the first-class lounge or the Admiral’s Club. Both offer a quiet space with food and beverage selections and even shower suites in some locations. Once it’s time to depart, enjoy priority boarding and dedicated flight attendants. 

In-flight, passengers enjoy James Beard-crafted menus that spotlight ingredients specific to Europe. These meals pair with complimentary wine and spirits. Passengers also receive Shinola and D.S & Durga amenities kits and Casper sleep sets. Flights to Lisbon average $15,000 for first-class tickets.  

United Airlines

The peak of flights on United Airlines is the Polaris class. These premium flights are actually business class flights rather than first class, but the distinction is in name alone. Passengers flying from hub airports gain access to the Polaris lounge, which offers exclusive spaces to relax before your flight. 

Passengers flying in United’s Polaris class can relax with Saks Fifth Avenue bedding and sleep-inspired amenity kits. Menus are award-winning, and United even offers arrival meals for passengers to feel refreshed upon landing. Polaris class tickets run an average of $11,000 from a hub airport like New York/Newark. 

Delta Airlines 

Another premium airline from the States is Delta Airlines, with the Delta One first-class cabin. Like other airlines, Delta One passengers have priority check-in, security, and boarding, along with lounge access pre-flight. However, where Delta sets itself apart is onboard. Passengers on select flights have private suites allowing you ultimate privacy to work, relax, or binge some entertainment. 

In addition to the private suites, seats lay flat, and passengers receive Someone Somewhere amenities kits filled with goodies to help achieve relaxation. Menus are also chef-crafted with premium ingredients that pair with an extensive menu of wines and spirits. Expect to spend around $10,000 for a Delta One ticket to Lisbon. 

Lufthansa Airlines

As part of Europe’s most well-known airline, Lufthansa’s top-tier cabin is a refined experience crafted through years of execution. Lufthansa’s first-class offering includes optional valet service, personal assistance, and limo service. Of course, the standard pre-flight amenities apply, including check-in, baggage allowances, lounge access, security, and boarding. 

Lufthansa has arguably the most comfortable seat in any first-class cabin and they feature complete customization for ergonomics while also converting into a lay-flat bed. Passengers have exclusive oversized washrooms, Michelin-star-winning menus, and perfect lighting for optimal comfort. A first class flight to Lisbon aboard Lufthansa will run you an average of $6,000. 

SWISS Airlines 

Another elegant offering from Europe is the SWISS Airline’s first-class offering. The first-class lounge has pre-flight meals, meeting rooms, and shuttle service, giving passengers a preview of the luxury onboard. Likewise, priority boarding, security, and check-in are standard. 

Like its competitors, SWISS Airline provides first-class passengers with a private space with lay-flat beds. However, where it excels is the beautiful veneered oak table and ottoman that accents the gourmet multi-course meals and fine champagnes. The dedicated first-class flight attendant team greets every passenger with a newspaper and gifted pajamas for extra luxury. Flights to Lisbon aboard SWISS average $11,400 per ticket.  

Discover Affordable Airfare with Business Class Experts

Now we all know that flights to Lisbon are more comfortable in first class versus economy class or even premium economy. The express check-in, security, and boarding are only the beginning of what you can expect with a premium-class ticket. And all of your favorite airlines, from United and American to Lufthansa and SWISS, provide luxurious seats, world-class menu offerings, and stellar amenities that leave you relaxed. 

While many travelers overlook Portugal, it’s possible to find discounted flight deals on premium cabins. Whether you fly to Lisbon or Porto, Business Class Experts have insider access to obtain airfare at a fraction of the price others display. Give us a call today to see how much you can save!