Business class flights to Nice
JFK New York Nice $2,545
SFO San Francisco Nice $2,945
LAX Los Angeles Nice $2,835
ORD Chicago Nice $2,635
First class flights to Nice
JFK New York Nice $4,925
SFO San Francisco Nice $5,780
LAX Los Angeles Nice $5,540
ORD Chicago Nice $5,225

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Business Class Flights to Nice

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Nice, capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera, sits on the pebbly shores of the Baie des Anges. Founded by the Greeks and later a retreat for 19th-century European elite, the city has also long attracted artists. Former resident Henri Matisse is honored with a career-spanning collection of paintings at Musée Matisse. Musée Marc Chagall features some of its namesake’s major religious works.

Nice Airport and Business Class Lounge

Flight monitors ensure that you’ll always know when your flight is, but you won’t want to leave Salon Cap Ferrat. The advanced air conditioning system provides a welcome relief from the heat of the Riviera, and you can get cool drinks and tantalising snacks from the complimentary bar.The Library Lounge (Salon VIP Lounge Zone A – Terminal 1) serves Schengen travellers at Terminal 1, and can be found to the left of the main departure lounge. It offers real luxury, whether you’re there on business or pleasure, as internet access is provided. Snacks and drinks (including alcohol) are available from the buffet, and children are welcome.

Things To Do In Nice

Think ‘urban garden’. This twelve-hectare public walkway went through a lengthy renovation recently, beautifying the heart of Nice. The results are fantastic – freshly mowed parkland that’s flanked by palms, pavilions and pathways that run deep into the city. Year round, the fountains erupt with water, making it a fun splash pad for kids and savvy skaters in summer.Chess, anyone? Place Masséna isn’t often the site of game playing, but the chessboard-patterned ground around the ‘Sun Fountain’ may inspire a spontaneous game of hopscotch. A giant nude statue of Apollo stands centre-fountain. The statue was restored after 30+ years in obscurity – the “League of Feminine Virtue” had earlier deemed it unsuitable for public viewing.