Did you know the average flight from New York City to London cost $550 in the 1970s? When you consider the real silverware, crystal glasses, and complimentary champagne, that seems like a pretty good deal.

Until you factor inflation into that equation, then you realize that the same flight would actually cost over $5,000. That doesn’t seem like an affordable way to adventure somewhere far away, like Europe, Asia, or the Caribbean. 

Luckily, it doesn’t have to cost that much, and we created this comprehensive hub that segways into terminals of expert advice on how to find the cheapest airfare before you hit the gate. 

And who are the experts? That’s us, Business Class Experts. Our team has decades of travel experience, forging relationships with airline insiders to help us unlock the most affordable ticket prices. 

We scoured the internet, used our extensive travel experience, and searched countless routes to compile a lifetime of knowledge to help you visit new destinations without going broke. And better still, we specialize in business and first class tickets, meaning you can fly in comfort.  

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Discover Cheap Flights to International Destinations

Milan, Italy. London, England. Paris, France. This might seem like a list of bucket list destinations. Actually, it’s a list of our next destinations, and it can be yours, too. But you might be asking how to find flights to international cities without spending an arm and a leg.

Flying to international places is more affordable than you might think. A few simple tricks will help you save big, such as booking early, considering different destinations, or having flexible travel dates. And these articles are perfect for mastering these strategies! 

Travel in Comfort With Cheap Business Class Seats

Don’t find yourself cramped in an economy-class seat for 8 hours on your next trip to Europe. Instead, treat yourself to some added comfort with a business-class seat. Plus, business class tickets allow you to skip check-in, security, and boarding lines.

Business class also offers you the chance to get work done with larger private spaces, in-flight Wi-Fi, and multiple power outlets for your devices. In-flight Meals are also top-shelf, and passengers get amenities kits filled with necessities. Check out how to find cheap business-class seats with these helpful guides:

Booking Last Minute? Here’s How To Find Cheap Airfare

Imagine your boss calling you into their office to tell you a vital client wants to meet in Frankfurt. Or you end up with a surprise few days off and want to jet away on a quick getaway. In either scenario, you’ll need a last-minute flight. 

Flying last minute is usually not the cheapest way to find airfare. Yet, sometimes it’s unavoidable, and we have resources for you to find the cheapest last-minute tickets. Check out these guides to learn more:

Looking for an Upgrade? Here’s How to Land Upgraded Seats

Seat upgrades are no longer only for the smoothest gate-talkers. Instead, airlines capitalize on travelers’ desires to elevate their in-flight experience. While it’s no longer as easy as it once was, you can arm yourself with the knowledge to upgrade your tickets for as little as possible.

Business Class Experts Is Your Partner for Affordable Airfare

Affordable airfare doesn’t have to take countless hours of research. We compiled a comprehensive list of must-read articles and guides for finding the best international business class airfare. 

Low airfare is in our blood at Business Class Experts. Our lifelong relationship with airlines allows us to find tickets in premium cabins at a fraction of direct carrier pricing. Give us a call to discover how affordable international trips of all kinds can be.