Start Your Next Adventure with Turkish Airlines

Between Europe and Asia is the beautiful country of Turkey. The largest city, Istanbul, is home to a history that spans thousands of years and empires from both the west and east in a cultural collision unlike anywhere else in the world. 

It’s also home to Turkish Airlines, the premier carrier providing service from the Istanbul Airport (IST), competing with the likes of Singapore Airlines in Asia and Lufthansa in Europe. While Turkish Airlines doesn’t offer a first-class cabin, the business class experience is equal to that of many top-tier cabins with other airlines.

This article covers everything you need to know about flying business class with Turkish Airlines. When you’re ready to book your flight, give Business Class Experts a call so you can take advantage of deep discounts, even last minute, in premium cabins! 

Preparing For Your Trip

Turkish Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft for flights to more than 290 destinations worldwide. However, only some flights offer the elevated business class experience of the Boeing 777-300Er and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. As you prepare for your flight, keep aircraft in mind, but also explore these other benefits of flying Turkish Airlines’ business class cabin. 

Select Your Seats

Turkish Airlines’ business class product is more comparable to first-class aboard Lufthansa, Emirates, or Qatar Airways. Passengers enjoy plenty of legroom and lie flat seats that transform into comfortable beds with mattress pads and blankets. Every seat has direct aisle access, meaning no jumping over the middle when heading to the lavatory. 

Business class seats also have touchscreen seat controls, cocktail tables, gorgeous inflight entertainment systems with Denon noise-canceling headphones, massage features, personal reading lamps, power outlets, and suit hangers. Complimentary 1GB of free Wi-Fi is available, and Miles & Smiles members receive unlimited access. 

When booking your flight with Turkish Airlines, you will have the option to select your seat. There are both window seat options and middle seats that split the cabin. We recommend selecting a window spot near the middle of the cabin to prevent excess noise and commotion. 

Discover Perks and Discounts 

Business class tickets can seem like an expensive way to travel, especially as everything continues to rise in price. However, there are some ways to take advantage of discounts and earn rewards, like Turkish Airlines miles. 

Airline-specific credit cards, Star Alliance miles, and the Miles & Smiles club all have benefits that give passengers greater comfort. For example, Turkish Airlines’ Miles & Smiles program unlocks perks like cabin upgrades, extra bags, and partner airline redemption. 

Although you can sometimes find flight deals through online travel agencies, there is no better way to discover discounted business class tickets than with Business Class Experts. Our insider connections unlock airfare in business class with the airlines you love. Give us a call when booking your next flight, and discover discounts deeper than anywhere else! 

Checking in on Turkish Airlines Business Class

When your departure date arrives, business class passengers have several check-in options, including a dedicated check-in booth or online self-service check-in. Of course, expedited security is another perk Turkish Airlines business class fliers enjoy. Business class tickets also allow for extra baggage allowance and lounge access! 

Know Your Baggage Allowance

Like other premium airlines, business class passengers flying Turkish Airlines have generous baggage allowances for both checked and carry-on luggage. Although some exceptions apply to oversized baggage, here’s what you can expect on long-haul flights regarding baggage allowances:

  • Two pieces of luggage no heavier than 32kg (70 lbs) and 158 cm in dimensions. 
  • Two carry-on bags of no more than 8kg (17lbs) 
  • One personal item of no more than 4kg (9lbs)

Miles & Smiles Elite and Elite Plus members can check an additional piece of luggage of up to 25kg (55 lbs), depending on the tier. Classic members can bring baggage that weighs up to 10 kilograms heavier than standard allowances, adding additional benefits to the program. 

Relax in Business Class Lounges

Flying economy means the pre-flight experience is just as uncomfortable as on-board. Luckily, business class passengers flying Turkish Airlines have lounge access at Turkey’s Istanbul airport and worldwide in partner airports. 

Few things are better than escaping the ground and relaxing in a quiet getaway as you prepare for your flight. Some standard amenities you can experience in Turkish Airlines’ business class lounges include:

  • Secluded workspaces
  • Beverage service and areas
  • Shower facilities
  • Relaxation room
  • Gourmet meal service
  • Children’s areas

Amenities offered in the lounge add to the benefit of choosing business class over economy class. Along with priority boarding and expedited check-in, the complete business class experience begins well before you even leave the tarmac. 

Enjoy In-Flight Amenities in Business Class

Once your Turkish Airlines flight boards, you can experience some luxury in-flight amenities. Everything from fine dining to amenity kits awaits globetrotters in the business class cabin; you can even invest in new startups right from the seat back console. Let’s explore some additional amenities you have access to flying business class with Turkish Airlines. 

Common Amenities

Since millions of would-be travelers are finally escaping pandemic lockdowns and exploring the world, many are looking for pampering only available in premium cabins. That’s why Turkish Airlines business class offers some excellent amenities to be aware of! 

  • Chef-crafted meals – Turkish-inspired menus and ingredients from decadent appetizers to elegant main courses. Menus constantly change, and passengers can order ahead of their flight to enjoy whenever they please during their journey. 
  • Luxurious amenity kits – Turkish Airlines upgraded their Molton Brown and Versace kits to the new Coccinelle and Hackette-designed kits. Each kit carries essentials like lip balm, ear plugs, and other toiletries that cater specifically to male and female passengers. 
  • World-class flight attendants – Customer service and professionalism collide with Turkish Airlines’ expert flight attendant staff. Each team member ensures passengers have everything they need for a relaxing voyage. 

The only thing better than experiencing these amenities once is to enjoy them twice. Book roundtrip flights aboard Turkish Airlines through Business Class Experts. The deep discounts we can unlock will make it affordable for you to fly business class roundtrip with money to spare on all the goodies, especially the Mezze! Call today to get started booking your next trip to Turkey! 

Unlock Affordable Turkish Airfare with Business Class Experts

Turkey sits at the gateway between Europe and the Middle East. One of the most luxurious flying experiences across the two regions is aboard Turkish Airlines in business class. Passengers flying Turkish Airlines enjoy a higher class of service right from the airport with priority check-in and security. After security, it’s off to the business class lounge for pre-flight relaxation. 

Upon departure, business class travelers receive priority boarding, additional baggage allowances, and excellent seats. Meals are chef-crafted, enjoyed with fine wine whenever passengers choose. Kick back and relax with lie-flat beds and endless entertainment to forget you’re flying. 

Thanks to Business Class Experts, there’s no better way to save on business class tickets aboard Turkish Airlines. Give us a call today; we’re standing by to save you more than half of direct airline prices on premium tickets!