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Did you know that Qantas was the first airline to launch an authentic business-class experience? It wasn’t until 1979 that Qantas first launched the separate cabin between economy and first class; that’s a full 24 years after first class hit the runway. 

Business class was a cabin for business flyers. It was a quiet place with more room that provided a sense of enjoyment that economy class didn’t offer. And while these business class fares were more affordable than first class, they remained impractical for vacationers. 

Fast forward to our current age, business class is no longer solely for business travelers. Instead, millions seek out the additional comfort premium cabins provide. But for years, travelers waded through the mass of travel sites that promised the lowest prices, only to receive disappointment. 

Enter Google Flights

Google Flights uses published airline ticket prices and powerful search engine algorithms to display the best departing flights. But finding flights to premier destinations across Europe isn’t the same as booking domestic flights. 

That’s where Business Class Experts excel. We are industry experts with excellent relationships with airlines, leveraging those ties to provide access to unpublished fares in business and first class. Yet, Google Flights still remains the best way to research flights. 

After countless hours of hands-on use of Google’s flight search engine, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to use Google Flights to find the best flights to your favorite locations. 

Use this guide to learn how to search and book flights across several European dream destinations. You’ll learn how to explore destinations, filter by preferred flight options, and even some things to keep in mind. 

Click on your destination below to start using Google Flights to research your next trip. And when you’re ready to book, give us a call so we can unlock deep discounts on premium cabins. You deserve to fly in comfort; let us help make that a reality! 

Google Flights to Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of lights, and arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s home to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. There are countless museums, incredible restaurants, and stunning architecture; enough to keep any traveler busy! 

Google Flights is an excellent tool for finding the perfect flight to France’s capital. You can explore departure airports and find the cheapest route. Also, explore the price graph to see if you’re booking when prices are the best or if you’re paying extra. 

What’s it like flying business or first class to Paris? It’s incredible! You have access to lie flat seats, amenities bags filled with luxury supplies, and elevated French-inspired meals. Flying in a deluxe cabin means more workspace, increased privacy, and dedicated flight attendant staff ready to address every passenger’s need. 

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Google Flights to London

London’s history stretches back to the Romans, who founded the city nearly 2000 years ago. In that time, London has become the cultural center of the United Kingdom and plays host to almost 9 million residents and millions more travelers annually. It’s a massive global hub of economics, entertainment, sports, and culture, making it one of the most loved travel destinations. 

Google Flights to London gives you plenty of flight options to find the perfect route. It’ll search which arrival airport is most affordable, and the countless filters mean you can select British Airways or another airline. You’ll have access to more filters, and using Google Flights, you can receive notifications when prices drop. 

Don’t find yourself stuffed in economy class, not when you can fly in business or first class. When you fly first class, you get dedicated check-in and security lanes, additional baggage allowances, and access to world-class lounges to feel refreshed before boarding. 

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Google Flights to Italy

Another incredibly romantic country is Italy. Between the food, culture, and history, there is no shortage of places to see or cafes to sample. However, Italy is a big country with plenty of cities ready for exploration. From Florence to Milan to Venice, you’ll have quite the decision before you even book! 

Google Flights map view and explore destinations will help you narrow down where in Italy you should visit. With the map view, you can see all of Italy at once and get real-time prices on several destinations. 

Alitalia is Italy’s flagship carrier, and business class isn’t anything special but offers an elevated experience. Passengers enjoy standard amenities like extra baggage allowances, better in-flight meals, and luxury seats. 

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Google Flights to Rome

Rome is the Capital of Italy and a travel destination on millions of bucket lists. Founded more than 2700 years ago, Rome has rich stories to tell, beautiful architecture spanning centuries, and some of the world’s most incredible people. 

Using Google Flights makes finding affordable flights to Rome quicker than online travel agencies like Skyscanner or Expedia. Flights to Rome are also quite a bit cheaper than flying to other cities around Italy, making it an ideal arrival destination. 

Don’t let last-minute flights to Rome scare you. Business Class Experts have access to airfare that’s anywhere from 30 to 50% off, even last minute. Call us today to see how affordable business class can be for your next trip! 

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Google Flights to Spain

Like many other European countries, Spain has a rich history that extends well beyond even the Romans. Whether you fly to coastal cities like Barcelona and Valencia or the capital Madrid, you’ll experience a unique flavor unlike anywhere on the continent. 

Google Flights can help you explore where in Spain is the most affordable. You’ll notice how Barcelona is far cheaper than other cities. Still, with Google Flights’ you can select multi-city flights to investigate more reasonable alternatives. 

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Google Flights to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is truly unique in terms of culture, city architecture, and history. It’s home to famous fashion designers, canals for transit, and various art museums. 

Many travelers are finding how affordable it can be to fly to Amsterdam using Google Flights. What’s more impressive is that flyers are using Google Flights to find cheap flights with fewer layovers, better baggage allowances, and aboard airlines they enjoy. 

When it comes to Amsterdam, KLM is the only way to fly. Business class aboard KLM flights is arguably one of the most luxurious cabins in Europe, including incredible amenities, delicious in-flight meals, and Delft Blue Houses as a parting gift. 

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Google Flights to Madrid

Madrid is the largest city in Spain and serves as the country’s capital. Millions call Madrid home, making it the second-largest city in the European Union. Its rich architecture, political influence, and passion for sports are difficult to rival, even among other European cities. 

Use Google Flights to find affordable airfare with airlines you enjoy. Additionally, Madrid has a peak time during the winter, which is unlike other destinations, meaning you’ll find better prices if you wait until an off-peak time. Luckily, Google Flights allows you to track prices to receive notifications when prices come down. 

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Unlock Affordable Airfare with Business Class Experts

Finding affordable airfare is possible, especially since Google Flights hit the scene. Now you can find flights in record time with tools like the date grid, price graph, explore destinations, and filter options. 

Of course, Google excels at finding great prices on economy tickets. Still, flights to European destinations last longer than a couple of hours. That means you’ll want to fly business or first class. Take your flight research, give us a call, and let us find deep discounts on premium cabins.