Business travel is an essential part of any successful multinational organization. These trips can be for meetings, events, trade shows, seminars, audits, or corporate retreats. And now that we are returning to pre-pandemic life, business trips are also slowly returning to normal. 

Maybe you’re on your first business trip or the first trip in many years and need a way to ensure everything goes smoothly. In that case, you’ve come to the right place because we break down the top nine tips every business traveler should use for a successful business trip. 

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The Perks of Business Travel

Traveling for work can have its pros and cons. But with air travel returning to pre-pandemic levels, it’s apparent that corporate travel is also rebounding. Although you can’t show up to meetings in your PJs, there are plenty of other perks to business travel, such as:

  • Time out of the office – Whether you commute to the office or work remotely, the same old grind can get old. Nothing puts a new pep in your step than taking time away from the everyday routine, and business trips are the perfect way to be productive and refreshed. 
  • Work reimbursement – From meals and hotel accommodations to car rentals and fuel, many companies have policies in place to reimburse travel costs. Some organizations even allow some travel spending allowances or per diems to cover expenses. 
  • Business class seats – Companies want productive travelers, which means spending time in business class instead of economy. In business class, passengers receive more comfort, amenities like in-flight Wi-Fi, and electronic plugs for in-flight work. 
  • Travel experience – Employees without experience in travel for business are more likely to make cultural faux pas or encounter challenges balancing performance. As employees engage in more business travel, they build the skills needed to maximize business trip effectiveness. 

Corporate travel programs are sending employees from North America to global destinations. Although the focus of business travel is to forge new deals, audit far-flung offices, or launch new products, an employee who gets to experience a business trip can come back inspired with new ideas.

The 9 Best Tips and Tricks for Business Travel

Whether you’re a newbie business traveler or a seasoned professional, there are always new ways to help boost the comfort and effectiveness of your next business trip. Here are a few favorite strategies frequent fliers use that you’ll want to add to your next business outing. 

Download Business Travel Apps

Modern smartphones can power more than social media, and a booking tool or travel management app can make planning a business trip even easier. Countless apps are available, and many corporate CRMs can help track details while providing real-time notifications if something changes. 

Book Your Airfare with a Trusted Travel Agent 

If your company doesn’t have a dedicated business travel manager and you must plan the trip yourself, it can reduce stress by coordinating your trip with a travel agency. Trusted travel agents or travel management companies (TMCs) can unlock discounts and find premium seats; some can even help book other accommodations for your trip. 

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Build Airline Loyalty Points

Virtually every airline has some form of reward mile program. Airlines will even partner with credit card companies, such as American Express, to provide dedicated cards with generous welcome points and plenty of loyalty points for every trip. If possible, try to book airfare for your favorite airline and rack up the points and additional perks. 

Choose Non-Stop Flights

Non-stop flights are like gold, and flying direct has more benefits than being good for your mental well-being. Direct routes offer improved environmental sustainability and lower emissions while also allowing passengers to avoid layovers, missed connections, or lost baggage.

Register for TSA Pre-Check

Airport security is a fact of life, but if you’re a frequent flier, you can streamline the process by signing up for TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck is available at more than 85 airports across the United States, allowing passengers to avoid removing shoes, laptops, liquids, and belts. 

TSA PreCheck lasts five years, so even though the registration process requires some legwork, you won’t have to renew for quite some time. To register, you must fill out an online application, appear for fingerprinting and background check at an enrollment center, and add your travel program number to your booking reservations.

Get Work Done in Lounges

Business class passengers have access to private lounges at many airports. Airlines engage in partnerships to allow travelers access to quiet spaces away from everyday airport traffic. These lounges often include meal services, full bars, shower options, personal assistants, and workspaces. 

Pack Extra Attire in Your Carry-On

Passengers flying business and first class have extra baggage allowances. However, we all have that horror story of how our luggage didn’t arrive where we did. The last thing you want is to head into a critical business meeting in casual attire. You can avoid this awkward scenario by packing extra clothing, especially business clothes or any essential items, in your carry-on. 

Regularly Review Your Itinerary

When you’re on a business trip, your actions reflect your organization, and not being prepared gives a poor impression. That’s why you should review your itinerary regularly. Know your departure date and times, airport gates, lodging accommodation locations, meeting locations, and essential contact information.

You also should review the process for reporting delays, asking for support, or completing company check-ins, if required. You can further minimize your travel risk by understanding your cancellation rules and travel insurance policies. The better you prepare for your trip, the smoother it will go. 

Confirm Company Travel Policies

Every organization has different policies and procedures surrounding corporate travel. These policies include reimbursements, booking approvals, travel spending, and per diem. You should follow these company travel policies to the letter to avoid any unwanted consequences of your trip. Additionally, be sure to brush up on after-trip expectations and reports! 

Book Your Next Business Trip with Business Class Experts

Traveling for business has many purposes, like building relationships with potential clients, evaluating the performance of company branches or facilities, or learning seminars. While the world returns to business trips instead of Zoom meetings, you need a guide to ensure a smooth journey. 

You can make corporate travel much easier when you employ a few tips, such as using a travel management app, building loyalty points, and registering for TSA PreCheck. When you enjoy your business trip, you are more likely to see the benefits that corporate travel brings!

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