The airline industry is slowly recovering from the pandemic, with nearly 80 million passengers boarding planes in November 2022. Although those 80 million travelers represent a downtick from 2019 numbers, it’s almost 10% higher than the previous November. 

As travelers become more comfortable with traveling, group bookings are also on the rise. These groups are flying for business trips, school functions, sports competitions, or military service. 

In this article, we talk about how you can book affordable group flights for your next extensive trip. We also talk about what airlines consider a group and whether or not groups receive special discounts. 

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Do Airlines Accept Group Flights?

The short answer is yes. However, the number of passengers that qualify for group fares varies from airline to airline. For most carriers, the group rate number is ten passengers. Still, there are some that are unusual and will offer discounts to different group sizes. These airlines include:

  • Southwest Airline – 25 or more passengers
  • Alaska Airlines – 20 or more passengers
  • Copa Airlines – 15 paid tickets or more
  • Norwegian – Considers ten a group but admits it’s cheaper to book individually unless 15 or more passengers fly

It might be a more affordable option to book individually for groups that barely hit the minimum number. The discounts don’t account for much until you book more significant group sizes.

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Are Discounts Available for Group Flights?

Airlines love large groups because it makes it easier to fill the plane for any given route. And as a result, they pass along some heavy discounts depending on the group affiliation. In fact, some airlines allow discounts for specific flyers traveling alone but as part of a special entity. These special groups include: 

  • Corporate groups – Airline employees, large organizations, and other passengers flying for business travel can receive discounts based on company affiliation or the number of booking passengers. 
  • Military service membersMilitary personnel receive a heavy discount on airfare, and according to several airline accessibility guidelines, active duty service members enjoy priority check-in and boarding. 
  • School groups or sports teams – School groups and sports teams often travel via airline to attend events, competitions, and field trips. These types of groups also receive discounts for group reservations. 

Of course, the discounts extend far beyond the handful of particular groups. We covered, in detail, how to find discounted group bookings and travel tips in this blog post here. There we cover everything you need to know about travel deals for large groups. 

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How To Book Your Next Group Flight

Group travel is more complex when compared to family flight planning. But don’t fret — you’re in the right place to learn how to book your next group flight. With these three easy steps, you can be the master of booking your next group getaway. Here’s how: 

Book Individual Tickets 

Like booking a trip for your family, booking group flights involves booking individual tickets. The most significant difference in the booking process is that only one person in the group manages the group reservations from their account. 

The individual responsible for booking flights will need to verify personal data, phone numbers, departure city (if applicable), and travel dates. Then, using either a travel agent, group coordinator, or an in-house method, that person purchases airfare. 

It’s essential that the person doing the booking understands all travel requirements and policies surrounding name changes or other ticket changes. For many groups, the person organizing the trip will often be responsible for booking individual tickets. 

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Contact a Travel Agent

The thought of partnering with a travel agency may have many travelers guarding their credit cards with extra attention, but when you are responsible for booking accommodations for a large group of travelers, an agent can help you save money and reduce stress.

The best travel agents have industry connections and relationships that help them find round-trip airfare, hotels, car rentals, and activities. Many agencies even have a dedicated group desk with dedicated group travel agents. 

Although this method might be a bit pricier than taking on group member reservations by yourself, it’s often worth the extra charge. Plus, if any deviations pop up, a travel agent can send notifications to group members to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

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Connect with a Group Coordinate

A group coordinator is much like a travel agent, but they focus on booking and managing group airfare instead of all aspects of your trip. These coordinators are usually airline employees who have a dedicated group desk and help passengers book group airfare. 

Connecting with a group coordinate can also reduce the stress of managing personal data or flight changes. They can help find discounts, but strict departure dates may limit ticket options, especially during high-traffic days. 

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Feel Confident in Your Group Trip with Business Class Experts

Group travel is returning in popularity now that the pandemic is waning. If you find yourself planning a group trip, you might have questions about how it differs from booking a family vacation or a solo adventure. 

Luckily, airlines love group travel and provide discounts for several special groups or even groups with at least ten passengers. And at the time of booking, there are a few steps to make the process easier and cheaper. 

Regardless of how you plan your group adventure, the best way to arrive is in style. Book first or business class tickets for your next adventure instead of spending your trip in economy, and Business Class Experts can make it more affordable. Call us today to get started planning your group trip!