How do you choose when your two options are luxury or more luxury? That’s the challenge that Emirates puts toward their passengers during every long-haul international trip, as both business and first class cabins offer an elevated airport and in-flight experience. 

We explore the differences a passenger would experience between business class and first class aboard an Emirates flight. Incredibly, the differences don’t amount to much, aside from price and the stark contrast with premium economy class or even premium classes on competing airlines. 

Finding discounts aboard Emirates flights is notoriously tricky. That’s why we propose using an alternate yet equally luxurious option when flying internationally. Call Business Class Experts to explore the other premium airlines and experience massive savings on airfare! 

Emirates Business vs. First Class Flights

An Emirates flight is one of the most luxurious forms of transportation, and the airline competes fiercely with other Middle East carriers, such as Etihad and Qatar Airways. Between opulence and extravagance, both first and business-class seats offer a premium airport and in-flight experience. Here’s how each premium cabin stacks up! 

Emirates Business ClassEmirates First Class
Flight check-inDirect from-lounge boardingDirect from-lounge boarding
Baggage allowance2 Checked bags up to 32kg (70lbs)1 7kg Carry-on1 7kg briefcase/garment bag2 Checked bags up to 32kg (70lbs)1 7kg Carry-on1 7kg briefcase/garment bag
Lounge experienceLight snacks and coffeeMoët champagne tastingQuiet areas with Wi-FiAll-day gourmet á la carte diningMoët & Chandon barComplimentary Spa in Dubai
In-flight amenitiesLie-flat bedBvlgari amenity kitsNo middle seatsElevated meals and personal mini-barByredo skin care products and elevated Bvlgari amenity kitsPrivate first-class suitesOn-board shower-spasExclusive fine dining and beverages
Airfare costNew York (JFK) – Dubai (DXB): $7,535Los Angeles (LAX) – Dubai (DXB): $9,449New York (JFK) – Dubai (DXB): $21,574Los Angeles (LAX) – Dubai (DXB): $22,710

Flight Check-In

Your grand adventure aboard an Emirates flight starts on the ground. Business and first class passengers are eligible for chauffeur service to and from the airport. Plus, it’s available in most Emirates destinations, not only Dubai. 

Passengers have several options for checking into their flight, such as the mobile app, airport kiosks, and in-person airport check-in with dedicated lanes for each cabin class, including Emirates Skywards passengers. 

Baggage Allowance

Checked baggage and carry-on allowances are hot-button topics among travelers, with airlines cutting back on how much passengers can pack. Emirates has a relatively modest baggage allowance policy, given that the rest of the flight is borderline excessive. 

For both first and business class passengers, the baggage allowance is the same. You can pack two checked bags that weigh up to 32kg or 70 lbs. Furthermore, Emirates allows premium cabin passengers to bring a carry-on bag of up to 7kg or 15 pounds and a personal bag of the same weight. 

Lounge Experience

Stopping off at the airport lounge is the perfect way to relax before your flight. And Emirates offers business and first-class lounges at more than 30 airports worldwide to ensure passengers have a luxurious pre-flight experience anywhere. 

Although both premium-class cabins provide access to airport lounges, the experience differs slightly between first and business-class lounges. 

For those flying business class, the lounge is an open space stocked with healthy snacks and light meal options. There is complimentary Wi-Fi, quiet areas to work or relax, and direct boarding access. Don’t forget to stop by the Moët & Chandon lounge for fine champagne samples. 

Everything that Emirates does for the business class lounge, it does to an even higher degree in the first class lounges. First-class passengers enjoy world-class meals, exclusive fine champagne and wine tastings, a private cigar bar, and spa showers with fine toiletries. 

First-class passengers also have direct boarding access, and both cabin classes can enter their respective lounges with advanced biometric screening. 

In-Flight Amenities

Although there is plenty of pre-flight exorbitances, the onboard business and first class experience are some of the best in the world. In fact, Emirates is an annual winner of prestigious travel awards that place it as a first-class product. 

To start, long-haul flights with Emirates are available on the Boeing 777 or Airbus A380. Neither cabin has any middle seats, meaning you will have an aisle or window seat regardless of your flight. 

The Emirates A380 business-class seat is fancy enough to pass as a first-class seat on lesser airlines. There are lie-flat seats, personal mini-bars with complimentary soft drinks, and gorgeous in-flight entertainment systems with noise-canceling headphones. 

In business class and first class cabins, passengers have an onboard lounge where they can network at 40,000 feet with fine wines and liquors served at the in-flight bar. 

First class has even more perks than business class, including premium á la carte dining options consisting of caviar, fresh ingredients inspired by worldwide chefs, and Dom Perignon champagne. 

The Emirates A380 first-class cabin also has private suites, offering greater privacy than even business class. Each seat reclines in zero gravity to achieve the most comfortable sitting position possible.

First class passengers also enjoy onboard showers, upgraded Bvlgari amenity kits, and high-end Byredo products. Sleeping is a dream, with mood lighting and hotel-quality linen available upon request. 

Airfare Cost

Whether you choose an Emirates first-class suite or a business-class seat, expect to shell out a pretty penny for the added luxuries you receive on the ground and in the air. To get an idea of what each seat costs, we did some research. 

Using two different routes, one from New York City’s JFK airport to Dubai’s DXB and the other from Los Angles’ LAX to Dubai DXB. We selected travel dates from July 18 through the 21st and compared the results. Here’s what we uncovered.

  • JFK to DXB in business class averages $7,535 per ticket
  • LAX to DXB in business class averages $9,449 per ticket
  • JFK to DXB in first-class averages $21,574 per ticket
  • LAX to DXB in first-class averages $22,710 per ticket

Even in business class, the tickets for long-haul international flights are astronomically high. Instead of purchasing directly through the airlines, we have a better suggestion for you to save hundreds, if not thousands, on premium airfare. 

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Uncover Budget-Friendly Airfare With Business Class Experts

Emirates offers what many consider to be the most luxurious Arabic airline in the world. And with private suites, fine champagnes, and lunges fit for royalty, we can see why. Even the business class cabin drips with elegance and a price to match. 

Although it’s tempting to fly in the most luxury possible, many other great airlines, like United and Air France, provide an equal level of sophistication at a much lower price than Emirates, even for a business-class seat. 

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