The Rise of Delta One

By 2015, it was clear that airlines needed to update their first class experience on long-haul flights or lose passengers to the competition. So, in March of that year, Delta unveiled the Delta One long-haul cabin experience.

This new product offered everything travelers came to expect from a top-tier airline, and in 2017, Delta upped its game even more with the Delta One suites. These private suites gave passengers an escape from the discomforts of air travel. 

Today, Delta operates several cabin variations depending on aircraft and route. Some may notice there is a first class cabin and Delta One option when searching for flights. It may be confusing, but we break down the difference in this article. 

We also talk about what you can experience while flying in a Delta One suite. The luxurious experience starts at the airport and continues through to landing at your destinations, making the cost worth it. 

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Delta One vs. First Class: What’s the Difference?

There is no longer a clear-cut way to know the difference between economy, business, and first class, as airlines continue to rebrand their products to attract more travelers. Delta is no stranger to naming its cabins with options like Main Cabin, Comfort Plus, and Premium Select. 

You might also see that Delta offers First Class on some flights and Delta One on others. So, what’s the difference? In the simplest terms, First Class is the top-tier class for domestic, short-haul, or medium-haul routes with fewer amenities than Delta One but still more elevated than other options. 

First class offers passengers larger seats with eight more inches of legroom compared to Main Cabin, in addition to dedicated flight attendants, Sky Priority check-in, security, boarding, premium snack options or meals, and complimentary earbuds for enjoying the in-flight entertainment. 

On the other hand, Delta One is the cream of the crop with all the luxuries you come to expect for long-haul and international flights. These Delta Flights compete with the likes of American Airlines’ Flagship First, and you can fly with both at a fraction of the retail cost with Business Class Experts. 

Discover the Luxury of Flying Delta One

Delta Airlines operates one of the finest premium cabins available, but it’s not available on every route or aircraft. Currently, Delta One is available on most Airbus A350 and Airbus A330-900neo aircraft. Passengers looking to fly in a Delta One Suite can expect some pretty luxurious perks. 

Elevated Airport Experience

Your globetrotting adventure aboard Delta One starts at the airport with an elevated experience that’s the envy of economy class passengers.  

Passengers flying Delta One have access to accelerated check-in, security, and boarding with Sky Priority, but before departure, be sure to stop at one of the Delta Sky Club lounges available in cities worldwide, like:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Los Angeles, California 
  • New York (JFK and La Guardia)
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Tokyo Haneda, Japan
  • Shanghai

These lounges have flight assistance ambassadors to help you with your accommodations, high-quality, healthy meal options, and a robust menu of fine-crafted cocktails and champagnes at the Delta Sky Club “THE BAR.” You can even shower before your flight! 

Comfortable Lie-Flat Seats

A Delta One ticket is much more than a comfortable seat. It’s a private suite with full-height doors and privacy dividers for ultimate privacy. And, of course, the seat will recline 180 degrees into a flatbed seat with down-like pillows and oversized duvets. 

Each Delta One Suite also has an oversized tray table for fine-dining main courses above the clouds. Meal service comes with dishes crafted by world-class chefs using fresh ingredients and a farm-to-table relationship with farmers. Enjoy complimentary fine wines, champagnes, spirits, and sodas with your meal. 

Delta One suites are perfect for working and relaxing, with each suite equipped with power outlets and USB ports to keep all of your devices charged. And most flights have onboard Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected at 40,000 feet with internet and messaging services. 

With the Delta Studio, passengers can enjoy nearly endless amounts of entertainment with crystal-clear noise-canceling headphones. There are even options to watch live TV or kick back and watch that movie you wanted to watch. 

Starting last year, Delta replaced the Tumi amenity kits with products made by Someone Somewhere, an artisan brand that supports tradition in Mexico. Additionally, the Westin Heavenly bedding saw upgrades to support recycled materials and reduce carbon footprints. 

Additional In-Flight Amenities 

While the fantastic suites are the star of the show, flying aboard Delta One comes with other benefits. For example, Delta One passengers flying from LAX to London have two free checked bags, whereas other passengers must pay $70 for the same allowance. 

In addition to the checked bags, passengers may bring one carry-on bag and a personal item with them in the cabin. And passengers flying from LAX are in for extra attention on the ground as the airport supports the Delta One flagship experience with extra private check-in and security. 

Cost of Flying Delta One

One could imagine that a Delta One ticket would cost an arm and a leg, but to get an idea of how much flights cost aboard the peak offering, we did some research. Here’s what the average round-trip route costs from various airports in the United States to destinations across Europe:

  • Atlanta (ATL) to London (LHR): $4,071
  • New York (JFK) to Paris (PAR): $2,609
  • Denver (DEN) to Berlin (BER): $3,674

Plus, SkyMiles members earn extra points when booking Delta One tickets. American Express also offers additional bonus miles to credit card holders who can catapult to Medallion status and unlock reward tickets for premium cabin space. 

Of course, these prices are what you would pay if you booked directly with Delta. To save big on these flights, call Business Class Experts. Our team can help you find airfare at up to half off what you would find through the airline, and not only on first class tickets but business class seats, too! 

Don’t Miss Out on Delta One – Book With Business Class Experts

Delta One is the highest-tier cabin class available, and it provides an extremely comfortable private suite experience for traveling internationally. From elevated meals to the ultimate in privacy, Delta One nails long-haul travel. 

While Delta’s first class cabin provides a luxurious option for passengers traveling on short to medium-haul flights, Delta One serves as the flagship product for long-haul destinations. Although, if you’re flying from a domestic hub, you could end up flying in both cabins for your next trip. 

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