As fewer restrictions stop travelers, more people are taking the time to venture to places they’ve always dreamed of exploring. And while Chicago is a beautiful city, there are many other wonderful places to explore, and the wider world is calling. 

But who has time to comb through countless websites to find the best deals? That’s why Google put its search engine to good use and came up with Google Flights. Google Flights is a dedicated search engine with the sole purpose of helping travelers find their ideal destination on a flight that’s both affordable and comfortable. 

Using various filter tools, Google Flights finds the best departing flights. Plus, users love tools like the price graph, date grid, and countless results to cover any requirements. 

In this article, we explore how easy it is to find flights from Chicago using Google Flights. Learn how the various filters can impact the price but also contribute to a better flying experience. And once you’ve found the perfect flight, partner with Business Class Experts to see even deeper discounts and the opportunity to fly first class instead of the cramped economy cabin. 

Travel Internationally with Google Flights

Flying from Chicago’s ORD? When you use Google Flights, you put the world’s most powerful search engine at your fingertips to find cheap flights anywhere. With tons of flight options, an easy-to-use platform, and search tools, Google Flights beats out competitors from online travel agencies like Orbitz, Priceline, and Expedia. 

Select Flights from Chicago

To start your Google Flights search, navigate to the homepage using the web address This homepage will display a simple search tool where you can input your destination, travel dates, passenger numbers, class preference, and one-way or roundtrip fights. 

Below the search bar, you’ll see two other options — a list of trips from Chicago and a map. The map is a Google Flights Explore tool that shows you how airfare changes depending on your arrival destination. This map is an incredibly beneficial tool if you haven’t decided where you’d like to travel. Thanks to a simple Google Flights search, finding your destination city has never been easier. 

Choose Your Travel Dates

When you first start your search, you can select your travel dates which will show flight prices for those specific dates. Should you have flexible dates for your next vacation, you have even more options for saving money. A handy little tool called “date grid” shows you what your trip will cost with different departure and arrival dates. 

Take control of the date grid by toggling the arrows on the top and right side of the popup menu. Here you can see how your dates cause price changes, with the lowest fares shown in green. What makes searching for the lowest prices even more accessible is when you click on the travel dates, a calendar view appears, displaying the price based on the departure date. 

Set Your Budget

Travel dates impact the cost just about as much as airport locations. Because prices can climb so quickly when traveling, setting a budget is a smart move. You can use Google Flight search filters to help you develop a budget. First, conduct a preliminary search. Then, select the price filter drop-down at the top of the search results. From here, you can set your maximum price, and google will find the best departing flight. 

Naturally, we all want the best price, and if Google doesn’t return the results you’re looking for, you can always track prices using the toggle button. Select specific dates or any dates, and receive notifications when cheap flights become available. Finally, the price graph shows you how expensive the trip is and displays how your dates compare with other expeditions of the same length but on different days. 

Decide on an Airline

One of the most critical factors for many travelers is the carrier they fly with. For example, a trip to Europe might be most comfortable aboard a Lufthansa flight. And, although Google Flights is great, don’t expect to see discount carriers like Southwest. 

Google Flights allows you to filter by preferred airline or airline alliance using the airline drop-down menu. This filter will enable you to find specific airlines and rack up those credit card rewards miles. In addition to airlines, you can filter using several other fantastic methods, including:

  • Number of stops – Search for nonstop flights and multi-city trips or decide where you will have a layover. Layovers reduce the cost of flights and give you an opportunity to check out the lounges in New York or Los Angeles before a long-haul flight. 
  • Baggage allowance – Discover which flights allow you to bring carry-on luggage and which don’t. Be mindful of basic economy class, which typically doesn’t offer any extras whatsoever. 
  • Arrival and Departure times – Never fly overnight again when you search for flights that depart and arrive during the day. 
  • Emissions – Reduce your carbon footprint by finding flights that emit fewer greenhouse gasses. 
  • Cabin preference – The standard flight search will show results for economy class. However, you can search for premium cabins by selecting premium economy, business class, or first-class cabins. 

In addition to these wonderful filters, Google Flights will alert you if the cheapest flights are with separate tickets. While these filters help you find flight deals, you won’t find a better deal on business class tickets than with Business Class Experts. Business Class Experts can help you find premium cabin airfare for up to 70% off the published price, giving you more legroom, high-end amenities, and better airline food! 

Book Your Tickets

You’ve scoured Google Flights, played with all the features, and found the perfect flight. Now it’s time to book. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase your next flight. Google Flights doesn’t offer direct booking using the search engine. Instead, you must either navigate to the airline’s website or book flights using an airline-specific form. 

Unfortunately, suppose your return flight is with a different carrier than your departing flight. In that case, you will have to navigate through two different booking procedures. Additionally, Google Flights doesn’t offer hotel or rental searches like other travel agents. Despite these drawbacks, Google Flights remains the best flight search engine. 

Discover the Low Costs of Business Class Experts

Everyone wants to save money, and only some are content with Kayak results, which seem to take forever to generate anyway. Instead, travelers use Google Flights to find the lowest prices on flights. Whether from San Francisco, New York, or Chicago, Google Flights can help you find roundtrip flights to premium destinations faster than any online travel agency. 

Enjoy your next trip to Europe in comfort knowing your Google search turned into massive savings. While Google Flights is adequate for economy class, the best way to save money on first and business class flights is by booking with Business Class Experts — the industry insiders that can save you up to 70%. Call today to see how little your next trip in a premium cabin can cost!