Flying First Class to Berlin

Berlin, Germany, is dripping with history. Iconic attractions like portions of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag building all offer a glimpse into the fascinating story that this Central European city has to tell. 

Most flights arrive at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which acts as the second largest hub in the country. But millions stumble out of a cramped cabin, smelling like recycled air and bland food. 

Instead, you could arrive in the Gray City feeling refreshed, pampered with premium amenities, and ready to explore. Where once flying in first class was the domain of the elite, Business Class Experts unlocks the possibility of affordable airfare. Give us a call to discover how much you can save on flights to Berlin. 

Preparing for Your First Class Flight

Flights to Berlin from the United States can last upwards of 12 hours, depending on your departure city. That amount of time stuffed in economy class or premium economy sounds unpleasant. The alternative is flying first class and enjoying the amenities, extra room, and added privacy. But, before spending your hard-earned money on just any flight, make sure you find the right first-class ticket by considering the following: 

  • Airport location – East coast airports, like New York’s JFK, Atlanta’s ATL, and Washington, D.C.’s IAD, provide more options for direct flights and cheaper fares. Flights from Los Angeles LAX or San Francisco’s SFO will experience more stops or higher rates. Regardless, international airports fare better in most cases than regional ones. 
  • Layovers – Nonstop flights are golden among travelers, but they cost more than flights with layovers. First-class tickets provide the added benefit of lounge access, so layovers are less inconvenient. Plus, you can often find layovers at airports with flagship lounges that offer a higher level of luxury compared to a shared lounge. 
  • Round-trip availability – Depending on the airport you depart from, you may encounter issues with flight availability, especially return flights. That means you’ll need to evaluate flights to make it back in time for any binding obligations. If you plan to do some city-hopping, you’ll also want to check for multi-city availability. 
  • Amenities – First class varies depending on the airline you book. Amenities like private suites, regionally inspired menus, and dedicated flight attendant staff can make the upgrade worth the cost. 
  • Flight deals – A travel agent can help you find deals on everything from flights to car rentals to activity reservations. Still, you can spend hours trying to find the right buy. Instead, Business Class Experts streamlines the process, uncovering affordable airfare to Berlin in premium cabins at massive discounts, even when booking last minute

Of course, countless factors make up an ideal flight, and regardless of what’s most important to you, Business Class Experts has your back. Our insider access and connections with airlines allow us to find airfare that’s half what you find on other websites. Comfortable travel has never been more affordable!   

Airlines with First Class Flights to Berlin

While Berlin’s BER sits in second place to Frankfurt’s FRA, it still boasts traffic from 97 airlines worldwide. With that many serviceable flights, deciding which one has the best bang for your buck can be overwhelming. Let’s take a look at how a few popular airlines stack up and what it’s like flying with each. 

American Airlines

American Airlines’ Flagship First is one of the most premium offerings from any American carrier. First-class passengers have private check-in booths and expedited security lanes to make pre-flight seamless. You can even indulge in a pre-flight meal at the Flagship First lounge or wait until the flight, which features multi-course chef-inspired meals. 

The private suite has direct aisle access with a full lie-flat bed for extra comfort. Wall outlets, entertainment systems, amenities kits, and sleep sets round out the experience. Berlin flights in first class with American Airlines run around $7,300, with high-demand days running more than $15,000. 

Lufthansa Airlines

Germany’s premier airline is also one of Europe’s best. The first-class experience starts with valet service, personal assistants, and optional limousines. When flying from JFK, passengers can receive a pre-flight meal at the exclusive Senator and Business lounge, where dedicated staff provide excellent service, even before boarding. 

First class aboard Lufthansa flights to Berlin are exquisite, and every detail speaks to the elegance passengers experience. Lie-flat beds are standard, as are robust entertainment systems, fine wines, and first-rate washrooms. You can expect to spend about $6,000 for a first-class ticket with Lufthansa.  

United Airlines

United Airlines calls its most premium cabin class “Polaris.” Polaris is a business-class flight, but the amenities and experience are equivalent to a first-class product. Like Chicago’s ORD, airports around the United States support United’s Polaris lounge, which serves as the flagship pre-flight experience thanks to spa-like showers, day beds, and full buffets. 

United Polaris is all about sleep. The comfortable seats transform into full lie-flat beds, amenities kits are sleep-based, and United even supplies pajamas on the longest flights. Premium entertainment and noise-canceling headphones further encapsulate passengers. Flights to Berlin in United Polaris cost an average of $8,500. 

British Airways

Another premium European airline offering an outstanding first-class product is British Airways. Flights that pass through London allow you to experience the Concorde Room, one of the most exclusive first-class lounges. In addition to expedited check-in, security, and boarding, first-class passengers have generous baggage allowances and oversized personal suites. 

British Airways refined its first-class cabin even further by reducing the number of seats from 14 to just eight on select flights. That extra room means longer lie-flat beds, wider suites, and larger entertainment consoles. Premium in-flight meals pair with world-class wine, but the experience is far from frivolous. The average first-class flight from New York to Berlin with British Airways runs $4,000. 

Air France 

Finally, one of the most popular flights available is the La Premiere cabin with Air France. La Premiere puts service at your fingertips with fast-track check-in and security, followed by a chauffeured car ride directly to your aircraft. You also have Air France’s La Premiere team to aid you with any needs throughout your journey, including at select connecting airports worldwide.

Air France boasts luxurious materials throughout the first-class cabin, including leather, subtle woods, and metallic accents. Additionally, your seat transforms into a private oasis thanks to personal storage space, unforgettable culinary menus, and incredible sleeping or working areas. La Premiere comes at a premier cost, with the average ticket to Berlin from New York running $10,000.   

Unlock Discounted Airfare with Business Class Experts

Though Berlin hosts many airlines annually, only a handful offer first-class experiences travelers can’t stop talking about. Whether you fly with an American carrier, like American Airlines or United, or opt for a European option, like Lufthansa, British Airways, or Air France, there’s nothing quite like flying in a first-class cabin. 

While you can find some excellent rates online, you can only get the most affordable airfare with Business Class Experts. Our airline relationships allow us to find first and business-class tickets at half the cost of airline-direct pricing. Reach out with your next trip today to see how much you can save while flying in luxury!