Virgin Atlantic is a somewhat new player in the commercial aviation industry, having got its start in 1984. From the beginning, Virgin’s goal was to provide a flight experience, unlike the competition. 

The result was a unique airline with an equally eccentric founder, Richard Bronson, who is famous for his high-adrenalin antics that brought Virgin into the public eye. In recent years, however, Virgin Atlantic’s LAX to LHR route began to show its age, and many first and business-class passengers were taking notice. 

It was time for an upgrade, especially for the upper class — Virgin’s business/first-class experience. As part of the remodel, Virgin Atlantic introduced the new Upper Class cabin that’s now standard on the Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. With flatbeds, a dedicated flight attendant crew, and world-class design upgrades, the new Upper Class was just what the brand needed.

Should you find yourself on a flight from Los Angeles’ LAX to London Heathrow, you’ll likely board one of these new Virgin Atlantic A350s. Here’s what you can expect when you finally make the journey! 

What to Expect on Your Upper Class Flight from LAX to LHR

Virgin Atlantic took time to upgrade the flying experience aboard many of its aircraft. As a result, the new upper class features updated materials, colors, and lighting in order to deliver a more relaxing experience. Let’s look at what you can expect when you board a Virgin Atlantic flight from LAX to LHR in Upper Class. 

Booking Your Flight

Your journey to London’s Heathrow airport begins by booking your flight. However, Virgin Atlantic labels its cabin levels in an obscure way that can be somewhat difficult to navigate. Economy class comes in three flavors: Light, Classic, and Delight, with a Premium seat option above them that acts as a bridge between a premium economy and a business class seat. 

Upper Class serves as Virgin Atlantic’s business class product as The Retreat Suites are firmly the ultimate first class experience. Despite a more luxurious option, Upper Class is still a premium offering with amenities that are worth the price.  

The average flight from LAX to LHR in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class costs $4,000 round-trip. It is possible to lower the airfare by using upgrade points or credit card rewards, and booking earns 200% points for future flights, along with 100-200 Flying Club points. You can occasionally find cheaper rates with an online travel agency, but you could also spend hours finding nothing. 

Rather than waste precious time combing through countless sites, you could partner with Business Class Experts. Our team can find business and first-class tickets, even in Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic that are up to half-off what the airlines publish. Savings like that allow you to buy 2-for-1, meaning you can bring a travel buddy!  

Flight Check-In

The next step in your Upper Class journey to London happens when you arrive at the Los Angeles International airport. Virgin Atlantic departs from the Tom Bradley International Terminal, which sits between terminals 3 and 4. However, sometimes Virgin Atlantic’s code-share flights with Delta will depart from terminal 3. 

Passengers flying in the Upper Class cabin have a dedicated Upper Desk check-in booth and private fast-track security. Passengers can check two bags up to 70 pounds free, with additional bags costing $200. Any oversized bags will also carry an extra charge of $300 per bag. 

In addition to the checked bags, Upper Class flyers may bring one carry-on bag up to 35 pounds or two bags up to 26 pounds each. While having two carry-on two bags is convenient, the two checked bags remain lower than first class aboard British Airways or Lufthansa.  

Airport Perks

After check-in and security, it’s time to enjoy the airport lounge. Virgin Atlantic calls its flagship lounge the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. These highly luxurious lounges offer everything a first-class flier would come to expect, but there isn’t a Clubhouse at LAX. Instead, you can find Clubhouses at the following airports: 

  • London LHR – Revivals lounge for arriving overnight flights.
  • Boston BOS
  • Johannesburg JNB
  • New York JFK
  • San Francisco SFO
  • Washington, D.C. IAD

Virgin Atlantic offers space at a partner lounge in major airports like Las Vegas or Los Angeles. For LAX, that lounge is the Star Alliance Lounge located on level 6 near the central atrium. It includes amenities like wifi, a buffet, a dining area, and showers. It recently went through a renovation that brings an open and relaxed feeling. 

Although lounge access is available, it’s far from the Clubhouse standard. Instead, if you’re flying overnight, check out the Revivals lounge in London. Here you can enjoy a hot shower, a full English breakfast, and pressed clothing thanks to housekeeping staff so you can hit the city completely refreshed. 

In-Flight Amenities

Flying in the Upper Class cabin provides you with priority boarding, which is when the pampering and comfort really begin. Upon arriving at your seat, dedicated flight attendants greet you with a welcome glass of champagne and introduce themselves. Most Upper Class flights have the cabin arranged in a 1-1-1- reverse herringbone design that offers plenty of window seat options and direct aisle access. 

The Upper Class seats offer the most legroom, width, and comfort. They recline and lie flat into a full bed up to 6 and a half feet long. While in bed mode, you get a mattress pad, blankets, and duvet for added comfort. Plus, every passenger receives an amenity kit with all the essentials to wake up refreshed. 

You also have access to countless hours of in-flight entertainment displayed on touchscreen monitors up to 18 and a half inches in size. From this display, you can watch trip reports, tail cameras, or even order a la carte meal service.

Upper Class passengers enjoy a multi-course meal that includes an appetizer, main course, dessert, and cheese with port wine to round out the meal. The new Upper Class features a folding tray table that you can pull from the armrest that doubles as a booth for you and your companion. Don’t forget to ask for the iconic pig salt and pepper shakers for the complete experience.  

Of course, every Virgin Atlantic Upper Class cabin features a social hangout place. Depending on your aircraft, you could have access to “The Booth,” “The Loft,” or “The Bar.” Each offers places to sit, beverage service, and delightful decor. And just before arrival, flight attendants serve a mile-high afternoon tea.   

Find Affordable Upper Class Flights with Business Class Experts

The Upper Class Virgin Atlantic route from LAX to LHR provides a luxurious experience complete with dedicated check-in, security, and priority boarding. Plus, flight attendants greet you with a welcome beverage once on board. Passengers have comfortable first-class seats with plenty of entertainment and gourmet meals served on an upgraded booth-like tray table. Tea and scones before arriving in London round out the journey, leaving you refreshed!

Although there are some notable downsides to flying with Virgin Atlantic, like the lack of a Clubhouse in LA, the overall experience is worth the relatively modest $4,000 average booking price. However, Business Class Experts can help you find airfare for even less, thanks to our insider connections. Give us a call today to see how little Upper Class tickets will cost for your next trip to London!