It’s no secret that the pandemic put a damper on airline travel. A Mckinsey study found that a massive $180 billion in debt piled up by the airline industry in 2020 will likely continue to drive ticket prices through the roof. 

That grim prospect doesn’t bode well for travelers flocking to airports worldwide in response to months of lockdowns. Even in 2023, the financial impact of the pandemic is still putting a hold on travel plans.

Fortunately, there is a way to discover budget-friendly airfare, and that’s with Google’s superpowered ticket search engine — Google Flights. 

With Google Flights, you can find affordable international and domestic flights. Although you won’t see Southwest or other specialized carriers, you can find flight deals that you won’t see with other sites. 

Uncover the benefits of using Google Flights and some tips on maximizing your search results for the best deals. And if you’re looking for even more great deals, call Business Class Experts to book first and business-class seats on the options you discover with Google Flights. 

The Benefits of Using Google Flights

Google Flights is one of the most powerful tools for finding the best price on airfare. Not only do you have access to some of the lowest prices on the internet, but Google Flights is one of the most streamlined search platforms. Compared with online travel agencies (OTAs), Google Flights offers many benefits, like:

  • Faster flight search – Google is notorious for lightning-quick searches, and it extends to the Flights platform. No ads slow web pages down, and the searches execute in seconds, not minutes, like some OTAs. Plus, there are no popups, suggestions, or bundling that steal precious booking time! 
  • Lower prices – Airlines publish ticket prices directly to Google Flights. That direct access to airfare means there is no intermediary to jack up prices. The airfare you see on Google Flights is the same as on an airline’s website. In fact, to complete bookings on many flights, you will redirect to the airline’s website to complete the purchase. 
  • Filters for every occasion – When you use Google Flights, the standard flight-selection filters are available, like roundtrip, number of passengers, and dates. However, Google Flights takes it further with filters for emissions, connecting airports for layovers, and even the time of day you fly. There’s a way to refine your search to find the flights that provide the most comfort! 
  • Calendar view – Searching flights with an OTA can be a “search and hope” method for finding the cheapest days to fly. Google Flights eliminates the uncertainty by providing a calendar view that lets you view the lowest airfare for any given day of the month. There’s no better way to solidify travel dates than using Google Flights calendar view! 

Momondo and Skyscanner advertise finding the best price, but navigating their websites is like trying to find your mail through a box full of junk. Often, you save money only to discover your seat is in the worst part of the plane, and you have to pay for carry-on luggage. Instead, Google Flights allows you to comb through flights to find the best flights at the lowest prices! 

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The Best Way to Find Cheap Airfare on Google Flights

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of using Google Flights, you might have questions about how to use the search engine to find the cheapest fares. We’ll walk you through how to perform a Google Flights search and how to narrow down flights using filters to land the best deal on the most comfortable seats. 

Select Cheap Flying Days

Traditional search methods meant knowing industry tricks, like flying Monday through Wednesday, to get the cheapest flights, especially when flying to Europe. While that’s still solid practice, you can guarantee you select the cheapest dates when searching with Google Flights. 

Start by performing a search from your nearest departure airport. Once your initial results populate, click the Date Grid to show the cheapest combination of arrival and return dates based on the week you searched. 

If you are still looking for excellent prices, flexible dates can save money, and Google Flights can help with the calendar view. To browse the calendar view, simply click on your departure date, and the calendar will automatically display, including ticket prices for any given day months in advance. 

Review Price Comparisons

Whether you choose flexible or specific dates for your next adventure, Google Flights can show you if you’re getting a good deal. After your initial search, you’ll see a price indicator under your first three results. This price indicator will show you how the prices for your results compare with other booking times. 

While the price indicator is an excellent way to see how prices have trended recently, it won’t do much for estimating future costs. To do that, you’ll want to use the price graph tool. Scroll to the top of the page, and next to the date grid, you’ll see the price graph. 

The price graph allows you to view how airfare will change over the next several weeks based on the length of your trip. Using all the price tools, you’ll be able to locate the cheapest dates for your next excursion in just a few clicks.

Browse Nonstop Vs. Layovers

Nonstop flights are like gold when traveling, but flying direct isn’t always the most affordable. Luckily you can take control of your layovers with Google Flights. From your initial search results, select the number of stops. Here you can decide how many layovers are tolerable. 

You can also decide which cities you have layovers in. Select the Connecting Airports filter to see a list of possible airport locations. Of course, some options may be more pricey, but avoiding a hectic airport while on your next getaway to Mexico is worth it. 

If a layover doesn’t scare you, and you’d like to hit multiple cities on your next journey, you can use Google Flights to search for multi-city flights. Return to the homepage and change the round-trip option to multi-city. There’s no better way to find island-hopping flights for your next trip to the Caribbean! 

Get Alerted

If, after all the flight options to find the best day to travel, you still don’t see the prices you’re looking for, you can set an alert for when prices are lower! To do this, toggle the track prices option, and you’ll receive email alerts about when your selected flight prices drop, allowing you to strap into the best deals. 

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Book In Advance

Of course, booking in advance is another solid travel tip that will save you more money than virtually any other factor. It’s no secret that the closer you book to your departure date, the higher prices tend to be, and you pay for the last-minute convenience. Although, booking with Business Class Experts can save you a massive chunk of change even on last-minute flights.

Luckily, with Google Flights, you can find the perfect flight well in advance. The tools provided allow you to view flight details, book with specific airlines, use airline alliance miles, and travel when it’s the most affordable. You can even use the Google Flights Explore feature to uncover a world begging for adventure. 

Acquire Affordable Airfare with Business Class Experts

Google Flights is a powerful tool for discovering the very best flights to the destinations you want to explore. From the lightning-fast results to flight option filters for every scenario, there are countless benefits Google Flights provides over online travel agencies. Plus, with just a few clicks, you can find the perfect flight in a matter of seconds. 

Once you find your perfect flight, call Business Class Experts to get deep discounts on first and business-class seats. Your back will thank you, and your wallet will have plenty of leftover cash for souvenirs and local delicacies!