Los Angeles is home to millions of people, and millions more travel through the Los Angeles International Airport on their way to hundreds of destinations. Whether for leisure or for important business trips, LAX is a major hub on the west coast.  

It’s the airport of choice for many, and since it serves so many, it’s nice to find ways to save when traveling from the famous departure city. 

In this article, we look at the perks of flying from LAX and how to unlock affordable airfare with Google Flights. 

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The Perks of Flying Out of LAX 

Los Angeles International Airport supports nearly 24 million passengers every year. For many, they have little choice in the matter, but for some, the choice to fly from LAX could rest on a few benefits that the airport offers. These benefits include:  

  • Service to popular destinations worldwide – LAX sits in a prime position on the west coast, capable of shuttling passengers to premium destinations worldwide. From Hawaii to Europe, Asia, or Latin America, LAX is a prime departure city with service to more than 187 destinations!  
  • Plenty of shopping and dining – Name brand outlets, like Gucci and Hermes, call LAX home, as does plenty of duty-free shopping, and luxurious restaurants, bars, cafes, and fast food bites. LAX is like one big shopping mall with everyone’s favorite destinations. 
  • Wide selection of airlines – LAX is a hub airport for a number of different airlines, including Alaska, United, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines. Additionally, airlines like Southwest, Air New Zealand, and Qantas consider LAX to be a focus airport, with a higher level of support than other airports. 
  • Premium lounge options – Flagship lounges for Alaska, United, and American exist throughout the terminals at LAX. Each offers premium dining options, full bars, workspaces, and even spa or washroom services! Lounges for other airlines and basic airport lounges are also available for a fee. 
  • LAX Fast Lane security – Schedule a time that works for you to pass through TSA security with LAX Fast Lane. LAX Fast Lane allows you to skip the long lines by passing through a dedicated lane in terminals 7 or 8. Your next trip just got smoother and you can take back your time! 

LAX is a comparable west coast airport to New York’s JFK or Newark’s EWR. Its size, prime location, and amenities make it an attractive airport to travel through, regardless of the volume of passengers! 

Using Google Flights to Find Flights at LAX

So now you know how cool LAX is, but how do we find the best flight deals to avoid breaking the bank? The short answer — by performing a Google Flights search. The flight search engine allows you to filter flight options, explore travel dates, and find the best prices on hundreds of flights from LAX. Here’s how you can manipulate the Google Flights tools to find the best flights for your next trip! 

Filter to LAX

Navigate to Google.com/flights to get started using the popular tool, and type “LAX” into the departure airport field. Leaving the destination blank will result in an LAX to anywhere map that explores various options around the country. Expand the map or zoom out to reveal international destinations, and uncover some of the most affordable, yet beautiful destinations. 

Selecting a destination brings up a quick “view flights” popup that shows you the price and airlines serviced. However, selecting the “view more flights” option is where the fun begins, as flight options, filters, and tools become available to help you narrow down the cheapest flights. 

Narrow Down Airline Options

Airlines work hard to earn your loyalty, and Google Flights allows you to filter by your favorite carriers. Once you find a suitable option, you can book flights on the airline’s website so you can take advantage of credit card rewards and miles.  

You can also filter other airline options, such as emissions, duration of trip, and even time of day. That level of control isn’t possible with an online travel agency, like Kayak or Expedia, which focuses solely on finding cheap flights. 

Browse Dates

Some trips inevitably require specific dates. However, the lowest flight prices are usually available when you have flexible dates. Google Flights makes it easy to discover the cheapest dates with tools like the date grid, price graph, and calendar view. 

The date grid shows you a seven-by-seven grid of departure and return dates and what prices look like for round-trip flights. Here, the lowest prices are marked in green, with the cheapest marked with little stars. 

The price graph shows you how your dates compare with other trips of similar lengths. Combined with the price indicator, you can dial in the cheapest time to book with the cheapest dates. 

Calendar view shows you what airfare looks like at the monthly level. Click on your departure date on the initial results to uncover what ticket prices look like month-to-month. This tool is especially handy at the earliest stages of research when you have the most flexible dates. 

Book Your Tickets

You’ve decided which airline to fly with and what travel dates, now it’s time to finalize your flight details. Decide if you want to fly nonstop or if you’re opting for a layover to save some money. If you choose the latter, you can filter the number of stops and even where the layover is under the “connecting airports” filter. 

You can also choose a multi-city approach for booking your tickets, especially if you plan to explore several destinations. You can book directly through Google Flights, but some airlines will redirect you to the airline’s website. Plus, if you have separate tickets to get the lowest price, Google Flights will alert you to that detail. 

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Stay In-the-Know

Sometimes an initial search doesn’t return the kind of results you were hoping for. And as prices change, Google Flights makes it easy to stay on top of the best deals with a track prices toggle option. The track prices option sends you email notifications about price changes on flights you have your eye on. That means you can capitalize on deals when most convenient for you! 

Explore Affordable Flights with Business Class Experts

Flying from LAX unlocks a world of adventure with several airlines providing service to popular destinations worldwide. The amenities from shopping, dining, and lounges available through the terminals make Los Angeles International a veritable haven for passengers seeking designer products and luxurious restaurants. 

Flying from such a high-end airport doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either. With Google Flights, passengers can narrow down flights that are the most comfortable and have the best prices. Countless filters and search tools give you the power to find the most ideal departing and return flights possible. 

Of course, you can always elevate your flying experience by partnering with an industry expert. Call Business Class Experts today to find out how we can find you airfare up to half off in premium cabins. Your next flight could have you arriving refreshed, begging for more adventure, and with a wallet full of savings, but only if you book with Business Class Experts!