Planning a vacation can feel like a full-time job. Between combing through Airbnbs to reserving activities, the last thing you want to do is research flights between countless sites. Even less desirable is the thought you might need to dedicate days to nail the right time to nab the best deal. 

Luckily, there’s an easier way to find flights to Madrid, and it comes from Google’s incredible search capabilities. Stop clicking through websites and use the one search tool you need — Google Flights. The easy-to-use search interface and numerous results make it the perfect tool to find the best flights at the right price with minimal stress! Google Flights is just a click away. From the domain, you arrive at the powerhouse that will find your next flight. 

If it seems overwhelming, we’ve got you covered. This article breaks down how easy it is to use Google Flights and the tools you can use to find flights that work best for you! 

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Don’t Miss Out on Madrid — Find Airfare with Google Flights

In the heart of Spain sits Madrid. Rich with history, art, and avid soccer fans, Madrid is a lifelong dream destination for millions, and it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Planning a trip to Madrid used to take hours, but using Google Flights shortens the process to minutes. 

Apply Madrid Filter

To start using the Google Flights search engine, navigate to From the Google Flight search homepage, you can start filtering flights to Madrid. Enter your departure airport, the number of passengers, fare type, and your travel dates to see your initial results. Google’s initial results generate based on factors like price and duration. But, if these flights don’t suit your needs, you can always filter further, including by:

  • Number of stops – You can filter itineraries by nonstop or by the number of stops, though expect the price to increase as the number of stops decreases. However, layovers can be less daunting as you can filter connecting airports, allowing you to avoid those complex and overcrowded hubs. 
  • Carry-on allowance – Discount economy and premium economy offer fewer carry-ons than business and first class. Use this filter to ensure you are able to bring enough luggage to bring back all those souvenirs. 
  • Time of day – No longer will you need to fly aboard a red-eye flight. Google Flights provides a filter to select your departure and arrival time to ensure you’re refreshed when you land in Madrid. 
  • Emissions – Airplanes are huge polluters, and for the environmentally conscious, the best flights produce the least carbon dioxide. Using Google Flights, you can reduce your carbon footprint by filtering flights based on emissions levels. 

These filters provide a way for you to choose flight deals that make sense for your travel requirements. Planning your next trip just got more exciting! 

Find Your Go-To Airline

We all love rewards, and airlines provide generous upgrades, free checked bags, and airfare discounts to loyal travelers. Google Flights doesn’t rob you of that joy, and you can filter flights to Madrid by your desired airline. For example, let’s say you’re flying from New York’s JFK, but the initial search results only show American Airlines. You can change these results by using the airlines’ drop-down menu and selecting Delta, for instance.

However, airlines available in New York and Newark are different from those available in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Reducing the number of airlines can also reduce airport availability. Further, reduced-rate carriers like Southwest and Spirit Airlines don’t list prices with Google, making those fares unavailable for comparison.  

Select Your Vacation Days 

Ideally, to find cheap flights to Madrid, you’ll want to be flexible with your dates. In some instances, specific dates can run much higher because you’re flying on a weekend. Other times, pushing your return flight back a day or two can save hundreds. Navigating the cheapest days is simple, thanks to the date grid. 

The date grid shows departure dates on top and return dates of a round-trip flight on the right. Google Flights displays the cheapest flights during that seven-by-seven timeframe. The average prices show up in white, while flight deals show up in green. You can tune the dates even more by using the arrows next to the dates and see how the prices change as your travel dates change. Use “track prices” to get notifications for flight deals straight to your email! 

Peruse Pricing Options

Overpaying for a flight sucks, and Google’s flight search engine makes finding the cheapest flights easy. Not only can you sort by flight prices, but you can also toggle several options to uncover the lowest price. The most useful of these options is the price graph, which allows you to select the number of days for your trip and displays a graph of prices by day. 

From this graph, you can see that flights to Madrid generally get more expensive around Christmas time, then become cheaper again after New Year’s day. Armed with that information, you know that the best price will come after the holidays, making a vacation more affordable if you go later in January. Holiday travel won’t prevent you from finding excellent prices on business class tickets. With Business Class Experts, you can find deep discounts year-round. 

Book Your Flight

When you’re finally ready to charge your credit card and book your tickets, Google Flights has many ways to make the purchase, including:

  • Online travel agencies – These are websites like Expedia, Skyscanner, and Kayak. When you save money, it’s because you often get the lowest quality seats on different flights. 
  • The airline’s website – Google Flights allows you to book directly through the airline’s website. However, you can still use rewards and select seats directly through Google Flights, but the option is available. 
  • Business Class Experts – Where OTAs fail, Business Class Experts shine. Instead of getting discounts on uncomfortable seats, Business Class Experts help you find flight deals on business and first class seats, often up to 50% off! 

You’ll pay premium economy prices for premium cabin treatment, which is a must-have on international flights, and it’s only possible when you partner with Business Class Experts.

Achieve the Best Airfare Prices with Business Class Experts

Airfare isn’t getting any cheaper, and like with many things, ticket prices climb and fall with the market. Google Flights is a powerful research tool you can use to find the best prices on flights to Madrid. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to eliminate unwanted itineraries, and the date grid and price graph help you avoid overpaying for your ticket or traveling when it’s most expensive. 

While Google Flights promises a comprehensive way to book the best flights, you have yet another tool at your disposal. That tool is Business Class Experts, the industry insiders that help you find the best deals in premium cabins. Enjoy extra legroom, fine wines, and complimentary extras that will have you waking up refreshed before taking on the historic metropolis that is Madrid!