These days there are many online sites dedicated to finding cheap flights. One of the most powerful flight search engines comes from the world’s biggest and most powerful search engine provider, Google. 

In 2011, Google acquired the ITA Matrix software developed by MIT in the 90s and integrated Google Flight Search into its powerful search engine.

Google Flights is a user friendly way to find flight deals for your next trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure – or a combination of the two.


How To Get Cheap Flights Every Time!

Before you begin your search, consider a different approach. Using Google Flights is great, but Google can only show you published fares. 

If you want the cheapest business class fares for international travel, give Business Class Experts a call. 

Because we work closely with the airlines we have access to even lower fare prices and can pass on huge savings of up to 70% off published prices, even in comparison to the flight finder sites. 

Pros of using Google Flights

It’s really easy to use

The intuitive landing page is very user friendly to navigate.

The side bar offers 

  • Trips
  • Explore
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Packages 

So if it’s just flights you’re after, simply navigate to the Flights page. If you want to book a package holiday which includes both flights and hotel stays, choose the Packages tab in the sidebar. Once you’ve selected your destination, a range of options will be provided for you to select from. 

Refine your search 

Being more specific with your search brings back fewer results, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means less wading through options that aren’t suitable.

Searches can be refined by 

  • Round trip or one-way
  • Number of passengers
  • Class of service

Maybe you’re looking for a great package deal for four people. This would be a great time to use the search by number of passengers option to ensure you don’t waste your time looking at and choosing flights that have only three seats available. 

Returns “best available flights” as well as other options for comparison

One of the most useful features about Google Flights is the departure options. When you input your departure airport, it will automatically search for the same destination from nearby departure airports, so it really does make sure you’re getting the cheapest fares they have to offer. For example, if it’s less expensive to fly to London from Newark airport than from New York JFK, you’ll know.

Round trip economy class ticket prices are really great value

Compared to a one way ticket fare, the round trip cost of economy class tickets is often only a slight increase. This means travelling both ways in economy class can hugely cut the cost of your travel. 

Fast results 

Using its powerful search capability, Google searches a high number of sites and returns results almost instantly.

Cons of using Google Flights

You can’t buy directly through the site. 

You’ll be directed to a third party site for purchase. Google is a search engine first and foremost, not an online travel agency. When you select an airfare option, you’re directed to a third party travel agent site or the airline’s website.

Larger search field

Small and independent businesses get searched right alongside  the big names. You might not have heard of them before, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great at what they do. Smaller companies are often found to provide outstanding service. They want your repeat custom, so they’ll  go above and beyond to make you happy. 

Same options as other searches

With few exceptions, the other travel sites online use the Google flights search ITA Matrix. Travel bargain hunters haunting Orbitz, Kayak, Expedia, Travelocity, and the other search engines for a deal are wasting time. They all draw from the same Google database, so they all offer the same published deals. You might see a small difference when one lowers the price by cutting into its own commission, but you won’t find significantly cheaper flight prices from one to the other.

Some airlines are excluded

While the ITA Matrix searches a lot of airlines, some familiar names are not included in the search, so you might not see the best flight price available. Southwest and Allegiant are low-cost airlines not included in the search results. To check their prices, you’ll have to go to the airline’s website homepage.

Not so good for Business & First Class deals 

Google Flights shows only advertised airfares, and business class airlines are reluctant to advertise higher class fare discounts. You’re more likely to find great deals on economy and premium economy tickets than on first class or business class tickets. The very best fares in those ranges are not made public. They can only be purchased through experienced travel agencies such as Business Class Experts, who have the advantage of up to 70% off any prices you can find online.

How To Use Google Flight To Book Business Class Flights

Step 1: Head to Google Flights

Step 2:  Fill in the number of passengers travelling.

Step 3: Select travel class, ie, economy, business or first class.

Step 4: Fill in your departure city or airport

Step 5: Choose your travel dates. 

If you know when you want to travel and can’t be flexible, this step is straightforward. 

If you are able to be a little more flexible you could find that other days are much cheaper for flights. It’s still simple though. Just fill in your ideal travel dates as above, then click the “Date Grid” button to the right of the screen. This will take you to a comparison grid to show price differences for travel on the surrounding dates. 

Step 6: Select departure airport. This is usually the one closest to you.

If you are near multiple airports, press the plus sign after entering your primary airport. Select the other airports which you would be willing to depart from. 

Step 7: If you know where you’re going, fill in your destination. 

If you are browsing to see what your holiday choices are you can just leave the destination empty. Or you could choose a country or even a continent (ie, Asia or Europe) to search for more specific options. Travel within a continent is usually pretty cheap, so this could open up many opportunities for exploring places you might not have considered. 

Step 8: Simply click on the fares which suit you best, for both departure and return trip.

Step 9: Once you’ve made your decision about where and when to go, Google Flights will direct you to a third-party site for ticket purchase. Or you could go directly to the airlines and book with them. This is convenient if your departing and return flights are with the same airline, but could be time-consuming if you have to phone more than one airline.