International travel isn’t just for the elites living in New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. Although, lately, airfare prices make it seem like travel to popular destinations is only for those select few. 

In fact, the average international ticket sells for $1,368, according to the U.S. Passport Service. And that’s only for an economy-class ticket. For a premium business or first-class seat, passengers can expect to spend at least four times as much, if not more. 

With prices pushing ever higher, many wonder how to find cheap international tickets and cabins that won’t break the back after nearly half a day of travel. For those travelers, you’ve come to the right place as we explore the tips travel experts use to find the cheapest international tickets. 

How To Get Cheap International Flights: 9 Foolproof Tips

Airline ticket prices continue to rise as the world returns to normal, leaving millions wondering if there’s an affordable way to fly internationally. You can combat inflating costs by utilizing these nine foolproof tips for booking international flight deals, allowing you to make your next trip a reality. 

Shop Around Peak Seasons

It’s no secret that flying during the holidays is just about the furthest away from affordable that you can get. Peak flying seasons are during the summer months, July through August, and around the holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

Travel experts agree that flying during the off-season is the best way to get the lowest prices on airfare. Some destinations might even offer travel deals if you book flights during heavy-weather seasons, such as hurricane season. But be sure to verify refund policies before booking!

Browse the Cheapest Dates

Certain days are prime for increased passenger traffic, like Monday, Friday, and Sunday. That’s why travel pros try to book flights to depart during the cheapest days of the week. These days are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Of course, domestic flights and international flights differ on the best days to travel. For example, experts say Wednesdays and Thursdays are better for international travel. At the same time, Tuesdays offer the best prices for domestic travelers.

Be Flexible with Booking Options

Having some flexibility during your travel planning can help you unlock excellent international flight prices. While it’s not always possible, searching for flights on days adjacent to your target travel dates can save you hundreds of dollars and even give you more options to choose from. 

Being flexible can also mean opting for flights with a layover versus direct flights. Additionally, you can search for two one-way flights instead of a round trip. One-way tickets can also give you more booking options by not restricting your flight search.

Don’t Forget Google Flights

Google Flights is our favorite flight search engine, and for good reason, too. It has everything you need to maximize your time during the trip-planning stage, with various filters and tools to help you narrow down the perfect options. 

Let’s say you want to plan a trip to Europe but can’t decide between London, Paris, Barcelona, or Amsterdam. Using Google Flights, you can see what flights cost to each city with the interactive map feature, making it easy to decide on a final destination. 

Or, let’s say you’re planning a multi-city adventure that starts in Hawaii and ends up somewhere in Asia. Google Flights has a multi-city search option that allows you to find the best flights for each leg of the trip. 

Additionally, Google Flights has tools to help you narrow down the lowest fares, like the date grid and price graph. You can even set up price alerts so you receive a notification when fares drop.

Search in Incognito Mode or VPNs

Have you ever started planning for a trip, and the next thing you know, every ad you see is about booking plane tickets and things to do? Well, that’s because websites track your internet searches using cookies to personalize advertisements. Unfortunately, that means airlines can hide the best prices, especially if they know you are looking. 

To avoid this issue, you should browse in Incognito Mode, Private Browsing mode, or with a VPN. These tools allow you to search for cheaper flights without leaving a cookie-crumb trail for businesses to track you.

Book With Loyalty Programs 

Airlines want repeat travelers and work hard to attract loyal passengers with various miles and points programs that unlock upgrades, additional perks, and lounge access. Some airlines join alliances, like Star Alliance, One World, and SkyTeam, which allow you to book with partner airlines and rack up the rewards. 

Airlines also often build loyalty programs with credit card companies to extend benefits to loyal passengers. They provide discounts or extra points by booking flight tickets with a specific card or bonus miles for in-flight purchases on things like meal upgrades and Wi-Fi. 

Avoid Last-Minute Bookings

Sometimes last-minute bookings are unavoidable, but if you can, avoid booking closer than a few weeks from your departure date. The closer you are to take off when you book, the higher chance you have of overpaying.

If you’re in need of a last-minute plane ticket, Business Class Experts can help you find deep discounts on first and business-class cabins. Book now with Business Class Experts to see how much you can save! 

Contact Travel Management Companies

Online travel agencies like Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia, and Momondo can help you with flights, hotel bookings, and car rentals, but don’t expect the lowest prices on airfare. Many of these agencies use sponsorship programs to put targeted listings in front of your eyes. 

Instead, partner with a travel management company, like Business Class Experts, who use human interactions to find you the best deals on the best flights. Our team of travel experts forges valuable connections with airlines that can unlock discounted tickets in business and first class. Call us today to find affordable airfare today! 

Consider Other Airlines 

Every now and again, a shake-up in your regular airline routine can surprise you with welcome savings. Even though you may be loyal to a specific airline, especially for the points and miles, considering different airlines can sometimes be cheaper. 

For example, budget airlines like Southwest, Jetstar, or Cathay Pacific offer business-class cabins worth a second glance. They provide passengers with upgrades like generous carry-on and checked baggage allowances, priority check-ins, higher quality in-flight experiences, and free cancellations or refunds all at a lower cost than the big names like Delta or United.  

Find Affordable International Airfare with Business Class Experts

International travel is exciting. You get to explore a new environment filled with unique people, foods, and cultures. But planning an affordable international trip can seem more challenging than building the first airplane. 

Although it seems tough, finding cheap international airfare is actually easier than you might expect. With a few foolproof strategies, you can find the cheapest fares on the best flights to destinations worldwide, even if you have to consider different airlines or partner with a travel management company. 

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