Did you know that the cheapest flight in the world is a route from Warsaw to Brussels? The flight is aboard Ryanair and averages just $11. While that might sound attractive, you don’t get much more than seat space for just under two hours. 

How about a bit more luxurious? On the opposite side of the spectrum, the world’s most expensive flight is a route from New York City to Abu Dhabi aboard Etihad, and it costs an astounding $64,000 for the one-way ticket. 

Only a few people are looking to spend what a new Mercedes costs on a comfortable flight, and luckily there is a middle ground between bare-bones basics and opulence. That’s the benefit of flying in business class. 

But business class can still be pricey. And while that’s undoubtedly true, expert business-class travelers know the secrets of finding the cheapest flights. Here are the tips and airlines they use to get the best deals! 

Is It Possible To Get Cheap Business Class Flights?

Many people accept the myth that business class is only affordable for C-Suite leaders and business executives with a company credit card and expense approval. In reality, business class is an elevated option for anyone willing to be creative.

There are many ways you can unlock affordable business-class fares, and we cover the topic in depth in this blog post here. Some popular methods astute travelers use to unlock cheaper rates include:

  • Search underrated airlines – Airlines like Delta and American Airlines are world-famous, and their fares reflect that familiarity. When you search for flights aboard airlines like Qatar Airways, Qantas, or even Norwegian Air, you can find a high-quality, underrated business-class seat for much less than the big names. 
  • Search nearby hubs – Major airports, like New York’s JFK or Los Angeles’  LAX, often have more traffic than they can handle, causing inflated ticket prices. However, searching nearby airports like Newark’s EWR or San Francisco’s SFO could save you big in the long run. 
  • Partner with a travel expert – Travel agents and trip experts negotiate prices with airlines through meticulous relationship building, allowing them to book business-class tickets at a fraction of face value. Business Class Experts has countless years of experience and frequently finds premium cabin space for 50% off or more! 
  • Set flight alerts – Online search tools, like Google Flights, allow you to set alerts for specific routes and travel dates, sending you a notification when prices drop.

In addition to these tips, there are rare instances when airlines try to fill empty seats leading to lower prices. Contact the airline and inquire about any last-minute flights that need passengers and negotiate your way to a discounted business class airline ticket. 

What Airlines Offer the Cheapest Business Class Flights?

International flights in economy or even premium economy class is like the start of a bad horror movie, and the thought of shelling out a small fortune for more comfort and a few upgrades is equally as terrifying. Luckily, we found several airlines that provide a business-class experience without mortgaging the bank. Here are the cheapest business-class carriers we could find!

British Airways

With brands like Lufthansa and Air France offering the most luxurious and priciest airfares, British Airways is one of the biggest names with the most affordable business-class tickets on our list. British Airways calls its long-haul flights Club World for its business class cabin, and it comes with perks one might expect from a first-class cabin

These perks include a seat that converts into a lie-flat bed, a 12-inch display screen, elevated meals, and expedited check-in. British Airways has several routes to the U.S., including Atlanta’s ATL, Miami’s MIA, and Chicago’s ORD. You can find round-trip flights in Club World at $1,795 USD for several routes. 


Emirates has one of the most attractive business-class experiences for long-haul flights. It offers an elegant seat stitched in leather and boasts an ergonomic design. Meals are gourmet dishes from a regionally-inspired menu with fresh ingredients, complete with complimentary beverages. 

While flying business class aboard Emirates will feel like first class, it’s still a step down from the premium offering. Popular routes from the United States include Chicago’s ORD, Dallas-Fort Worth DFW, and Miami’s MIA. Of course, flights to Dubai are always popular, with the average trip costing around $4,500 USD.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is Ireland’s flag carrier with routes to the United States and Europe. Its business-class cabin has extra legroom, lie-flat seats, luxury dining with fine wines, and in-flight Wi-Fi to support the work and leisure you deserve at 30,000 feet. 

Pre-flight amenities include lounge access with dedicated business-class lounges at London Heathrow, Dublin’s DUB, and New York’s JFK. Passengers who fly business class with Aer Lingus also receive priority check-in and boarding. And the average flight in business class runs $4,400 USD.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers an elegant experience in the skies with its business-class cabin that serves as the pinnacle offering on long-haul flights. Passengers have dedicated seats with private viewing displays and power supplies for the productive flier.

Turkish Airlines services destinations worldwide, including Hong Kong, London, and New York. Booking a flight in business class aboard Turkish Airlines will cost an average of $3,350 USD for round-trip flight tickets.


Avianca is another excellent airline that offers discounted fares for business-class travelers. As of last year, Avianca cut most of its business-class service to places like Mexico and South America, but travelers can still find the elevated class on routes to Europe. 

Business-class travelers flying with Avianca get priority boarding, dedicated flight attendant service, relaxing lounge seats, and extra checked baggage allowances. In order to book business-class airfare, you must first purchase an economy-class ticket and then bid for a business-class spot on your flight. 

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines provides a tropic-inspired feel for its premium-class cabins and services flights from the mainland United States, the Hawaiian Islands, and destinations in the South Pacific, such as Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia. 

Passengers flying premium receive comfortable lie-flat seats activated by a turn dial to find the most relaxing position. Meals are also premium, with world-class ingredients crafted by local Hawaiian chefs. The average flight between Honolulu and Sydney in business class runs $2,880 USD. 

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar is a low-cost carrier based in Australia and acts as a subsidiary of Qantas. It also operates one of the best business class cabins at a discount with wide leather seats, fine dining meal options, generous in-flight entertainment options, and an amenities kit to leave you refreshed.

Jetstar services destinations in the Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Singapore. The average flight between Honolulu and Sydney is a steal at only $1,255 for business-class tickets.

Book Affordable Seats with Business Class Experts

Business class is a good middle ground between the bare basics of economy and the excessive luxury of first class. International and long-haul flights in first class aboard major airlines can cost excessive money, but luckily there are ways to get a business-class flight deal. 

In addition to setting airfare alerts and flying from nearby hubs, you can explore some lesser-known airlines to save some big money. Carriers like Jetstar, Turkish Airlines, and even Emirates offer affordable business-class options. 

Although we showed the average price of flights around the world aboard many carriers, those prices were at face value. Expert travelers never pay full price, and Business Class Experts can help you save up to half off or more on flights to destinations worldwide. Contact us today to see how much you can save on your next trip!