Travel is fun. There are always new destinations to explore, people to meet, and memories to create. However, travel is not always the most affordable thing, even for those better off than others. 

No continent inspires visions of travel more than Europe, with the history of empires and kingdoms past to the delicious variations on meals we enjoy stateside. Finding the means to jet away to such a romantic place seems like a far-off dream, leaving many to wonder if it’s possible to book cheap flights to anywhere in Europe.

If you ever had that same thought, you’re in the right place. In this article, we show you how easy it can be to find affordable airfare from the United States to anywhere in Europe. Before you overpay for your next adventure, implement these tips in the planning stage and save big!

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Is It Really Possible to Book Cheap Flights to Anywhere?

Booking cheap flights to places like Cancun or Las Vegas is always possible because of the tourist attractions. But what about other destinations, like Europe, where the price of an airline ticket regularly exceeds $1,000 for the most basic of seats? 

The reality is you can book cheap airfare to the hottest destinations worldwide, but only when you use a strategic approach. For example, booking a last-minute flight or flying non-stop from Denver causes ticket prices to climb even higher. 

Instead, leverage layovers on domestic flights to pass through major international hubs like Atlanta, New York (NYC and Newark), or Miami. And don’t wait until your departure date is just around the corner, and book as soon as possible. 

But these methods only scratch the surface. If you really want to explore cheap flights to literally anywhere, follow the below tips and tricks that bring trips to premium destinations like London, Paris, or Barcelona within reach.  

The Best Ways to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere

As we mentioned, flights from the USA to Europe cost a pretty penny. However, it’s possible to land affordable international ticket prices with a bit of dedication. Here are the tips travel experts use to find the best flight deals on airfare to anywhere. 

Browse Affordable Destinations

Everyone dreams of lounging on the beaches of Santorini or sailing the canals of Venice, but these destinations charge a premium in airfare. Instead, explore Westminster Abbey in London or enjoy a cappuccino in a Roman cafe with flight prices at almost half of what other cities cost. 

Some destinations are more affordable than others. Frankfurt, for example, costs almost $1,200 less than a round-trip flight to Berlin. You can see these differences firsthand with the help of the Google Flights search engine. Using the “Explore” filter, you can browse the cheapest places to fly from your nearest departure airport. 

Plus, by flying to a more affordable destination, you can always utilize ground transportation, such as the robust train network in Europe, to reach your final destination at prices unobtainable through air travel.

Check Flights in Incognito Mode

Each time you scan the internet for tickets, you’ll notice an uptick in advertisements from Momondo, Skyscanner, Skiplagged, and Kiwi. That’s no accident. By searching in a standard browser, you leave behind a breadcrumb trail of internet cookies that airlines use to know when you’re looking. 

These cookies notify businesses that you have an interest in booking flights for your next trip and use the occasion to mark up airfares. You can avoid this markup by using a few tools, such as private browsing mode, incognito mode, or a VPN for extra protection. 

Using incognito mode or a VPN prevents websites from tracking your internet traffic, allowing you to browse the cheapest flights without the potential predatory markup.

Join Airline Loyalty Programs

Airlines want repeat passengers, and with loyalty programs, reward miles, and extra points, flying with the same carrier is now more attractive than ever. These loyalty programs and reward miles unlock upgrade flight tickets, lounge access, no-fee cancellations, and extra baggage allowances. 

Different airlines, like Delta, even partner with credit card companies to offer bonus perks to passengers who sign up for a new card. You can take advantage of these programs to find cheaper flights to the destinations you want. 

Book Through a Travel Agency

Booking everything yourself can become overwhelming and exhausting, but using a travel agency can help you reduce the burden and find lower prices on international flights simultaneously. 

An online travel agency, like Expedia or Kayak, can help you book car rentals and hotels, but they have sponsored listings that aren’t the cheaper flights available. Additionally, these flight search engines prioritize low-cost airlines or bare-bones budget airlines, leaving you with a less-than-satisfying experience. 

Instead, book your next flight with Business Class Experts. Our team of dedicated travel agents has strong insider relationships with airlines, allowing us to find you first and business-class seats on international flights at a fraction of what the airline charges. Call us today to find the best prices on premium airfare! 

Don’t Discredit Layover Flights

While direct flights are less stressful, they often cost a premium, especially for flights from Los Angeles or San Francisco to London or Paris. To save some extra cash, you can opt for a route with a connecting flight, such as one with a layover in Chicago or Fort Lauderdale. 

Use Google Flights to make choosing a route with a layover less painful. You can search for routes with layovers in the city of your choice, the length of the layover, and the overall flight length, giving you greater control over your trip.

Google Flights is one of our favorite tools, with options to select the cheapest days, graphs showing you the cheapest months, flexible travel date searches, price alerts, and options for booking directly with the airline. Once you narrow down your results, contact Business Class Experts to upgrade your experience to first or business class!  

Travel Anywhere with Business Class Experts

It’s a question everyone asks at one point or another — is it even possible to find cheap flights anywhere? The answer is yes, and with some proven techniques, you can find affordable airfare to the destinations that are calling your name. 

Of course, you’re probably familiar with some tried and true strategies, such as choosing flexible dates over specific dates, looking at nearby departure cities, and building your trip with one-way tickets. However, adding in a connecting flight or partnering with a travel agent can also save you big. 

Take your next adventure to the next level with luxurious amenities, world-class meals, and extra-large comfortable seats. These options won’t come in economy class, and with Business Class Experts, you can find cheap business and first-class tickets at huge discounts. Reach out today to see how much you can save on premium airfare for your next excursion!