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Did you know Virgin Atlantic first took off in 1984, but the owner wasn’t the typical airline executive of the day? After all, the company’s parent, Virgin Records, owned music and recording, not aircraft. 

Yet, in 2023, Virgin Atlantic remains as charismatic as ever, especially with the Upper Class in-flight experience and legendary Clubhouse lounges that execute luxury services in airports worldwide.  

If you’ve never flown with Virgin Atlantic and have questions about what it’s like, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the details about flying with Virgin Atlantic, how to prepare for your trip, and what to expect once you’re in the air. 

But we don’t just cover the flight experience. We also cover several popular airports Virgin flies from and details about Virgin’s hub airport, London Heathrow. With so much information at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to pack your bags for a last-minute trip before you know it! 

So, who are we, and how do we know so much about Virgin Atlantic? We’re Business Class Experts, and we have years of experience building strong relationships with airlines shuttling passengers internationally. 

These connections allow us to find unpublished flights in first and business-class cabins and provide you with deep discounts at up to half what you find on public-facing websites. We also use the tools at our disposal to uncover what each airline offers passengers and how the experience stacks up against the competition. 

Using this all-inclusive Virgin Atlantic flights Guide, you can supercharge your trip research, arming you with all the knowledge you need when deciding on an airline partner. And when you’re ready to book, give us a call to get the best deals on premium airfare — the only kind worth flying on international flights. 

Now that you know how to use this guide, jump ahead and read about the essential aspects of Virgin Atlantic flights. 

Preparing for Your Trip

Before you head on your next journey, you’ll want to ensure you’re well-prepared. That could even mean deciding on a destination. Virgin Atlantic services direct flights to 34 destinations worldwide and connecting flights to more than 350 destinations across the globe.  

Several popular destinations include New York City, London, Johannesburg, Lagos, and India. With so many direct flights, it’s easy to find a premium destination to soak up the culture, lifestyle, and, most importantly, the food! 

Of course, the best way to travel internationally is to fly aboard Virgin’s Upper Class which allows flyers two checked bags up to 70 pounds and two carry-on handbags. Upper Class travelers also enjoy priority security and boarding groups, making airport visits a breeze. 

Passengers flying Virgin’s Upper Class tier from the United States have access to the Clubhouse lounges in Boston (BOS), Dulles (IAD), New York (JFK), Newark (EWR), and San Francisco (SFO). These lounges provide full bars, fine dining options, and quiet places to work or relax. 

Globetrotters passing through airports without Clubhouses can still enjoy first-class lounge access through partner airlines. Virgin Atlantic’s partnership with Delta, in particular, unlocks lounge access in airports across the United States, United Kingdom, Asia, and the Caribbean. 

Thanks to Business Class Experts, adventurers no longer need to spend big bucks to fly in class. We make it easy to find the best deals aboard the airlines you love in business and first-class cabins. Call us today with your trip details and see how much we could save you versus face value! 

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Virgin Atlantic Flights to London

London is by far the most popular destination that Virgin Atlantic services. In fact, London’s Heathrow is Virgin’s home airport and provides the most luxurious experience for Upper Class passengers.

Upon arrival, Upper Class travelers have access to the Revivals lounge, with washing facilities, dining options, and housekeeping services that leave visitors feeling refreshed and ready to take on the city.  

Upper Class flights to London are one of the best ways to travel to the United Kingdom, with a level of comfort on par with industry standards and even a few extra touches, like in-flight bars and unique color schemes. 

When flying with Virgin Atlantic, Upper Class adventurers can expect the following:

  • Elevated comfort – Extra legroom is just the beginning. Seats transform into fully lie-flat beds and have plenty of privacy. 
  • À la carte fine dining – Guests receive a welcome glass of champagne, complimentary snacks, and a three-course meal preceded by an elegant apéritif. 
  • On-demand entertainment and workspaces – Endless hours of content, including music, games, and movies from the latest releases to beloved classics. Plus, in-flight Wi-Fi is available to purchase for those hard at work. 
  • Amenities Kits – Sustainable products designed to give you the ultimate in comfort with everything you need to feel refreshed and relaxed on your flight. 
  • Social spaces  – On-board social areas, dependent on the aircraft, where passengers can come together to share a drink and conversation. 

Dedicated flight attendant staff also caters to passenger needs, extending a warm, personalized touch to the service. With such wonderful amenities, Virgin Atlantic makes a strong argument for one of the best first-class experiences in Europe. 

Booking your flight to London aboard Upper Class may seem like an expensive proposition. However, when you partner with Business Class Experts, you’ll discover that airfare in premium cabins is more affordable than you ever imagined. 

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Find Affordable Virgin Atlantic Airfare with Business Class Experts

As a modern passenger, you have the choice to fly with a wide variety of top-notch airlines across the world. Although competitors from the United States and Europe offer compelling products that make flyers curious, Virgin Atlantic does so with such style; it’s hard to ignore.

First-class aboard Virgin Atlantic, also known as Upper Class, allows expedited check-in, security, and boarding in addition to lounge access at flagship Clubhouses or with partner airlines. And the experience gets even better when you’re in the air. 

Once on board, Upper Class cabins provide extra comfort, gourmet meals, and amenities you’ll never find in economy or premium economy class. Plus, should you find yourself landing at London’s Heathrow, you must stop by the Revivals lounge to freshen up before continuing your journey. 

All the luxury Virgin Atlantic has to offer is more affordable than you could imagine. Business Class Experts can help you find airfare in Upper Class at up to half of what you’d pay elsewhere. That means you and a travel buddy can fly Upper Class for the same price you would pay flying alone. Give us a call today to start planning your next adventure aboard Virgin Atlantic!