Business class might seem as old as commercial aviation itself. But, in reality, the middle-tier cabin didn’t get its start until 1979, when Qantas debuted the first of the unique ticket fares. At the time, business class served a specific purpose, offering elevated comfort, better food, and nicer amenities than the economy seat counterpart. 

While not quite as exclusive as first class, business class was more practical for business travelers who frequently fly. It was a more affordable way for frequent fliers to experience perks once reserved for the upper echelon of passengers.

Today, however, the lines between premium economy class, business class, and first-class seats are murky at best. 

Often, business class serves as the top premium cabin on short-haul or domestic flights. Business class plays its traditional role on long-haul flights, but only with some airlines. Carriers like United Airlines and KLM offer a business class product that serves as their peak offerings in cabins like United Polaris. 

In this article, we discuss what business class looks like, the benefits of flying business class, and some ways to book business class seats. Many people mistakenly think that business class is too expensive. A call to Business Class Experts dispels that myth. When you partner with us, we can help uncover seats in business-class cabins at a fraction of airline-direct pricing! 

What is Business Class? 

As we’ve mentioned, business class plays different roles depending on the airline, flight duration, and aircraft type. At the most basic level, business class passengers receive some notable upgrades over more affordable tickets. For example, wider recliner seats with more generous legroom are a significant improvement. 

Further, business class passengers enjoy better meals, whereas economy class would only offer snacks if anything at all. Business class also commonly offers wine or liquor as complimentary beverages instead of the standard array of soft drinks. 

Like first-class cabins, business-class cabins often have dedicated flight attendants, better in-flight entertainment displays, and Wi-Fi for flying professionals. 

As our name suggests, at Business Class Experts, we have the industry expertise to find the best prices on business class tickets. Whether you’re flying last minute to remote sites or you’re planning a leisure trip and need more comfort, give us a call to get deals on premium tickets you’ll never find on the airline’s websites! 

The Benefits of Flying Business Class

International flights in basic cabins are a literal pain in the neck. That’s why many airlines installed flat beds in their business class cabins to make them more attractive to passengers looking for more class without breaking the budget. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when opting for a business-class ticket instead of an economy or first-class ticket. 

  • More comfortable seats – Traditionally, first class had the most comfortable seats, with Singapore Airlines even offering a double bed, but business class isn’t far behind. Compared with economy seats, they’re wider and longer. Many even turn into lie-flat beds, an almost must-have for international flights. 
  • Priority Check-in and security – Another commonality between business and first-class passengers is the priority check-in and expedited security lanes. While economy class fliers shuffle through long lines, you can breeze right through. Business class passengers also have priority boarding, allowing you to settle in well before take-off. 
  • Better baggage allowances – Few things infuriate fliers more than having to pay for baggage during every leg of a round-trip flight. Business class fliers benefit from extra baggage allowances, often allowing two complimentary bags of up to 70 pounds for flights to Europe, New Zealand, and the Caribbean.
  • More privacy – Business class seats are further apart from each other than the tight squeeze in economy. The extra space between seats and a separator between cabins provides an extra level of privacy. 
  • Business class lounge access – An airport perk of business class is the timeless perk of airport lounge access. Business class passengers have dedicated lounges or complimentary lounge access with partner airlines at airports worldwide. You can often find food offerings, bars, workspaces, lounger chairs, and quiet spaces away from everyday airport hustle and bustle. 
  • Amenity kits – Long-haul flights can leave fliers disheveled. Airlines recognize that business travelers don’t have time to freshen up between the airport and meetings. That’s why a move to luxury amenity kits for business class is becoming more popular. 
  • Higher-quality food – Short-haul flights can leave passengers hungry, especially with the bare-minimum cracker or cookies that get passed around. Business class enjoys a higher level of meal preparation, with some airlines even going all-in on award-winning menus and fine wine lists. 

Of course, you’ll have better airport amenities when flying through larger cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, or Hong Kong. It’s essential to thoroughly research in-flight amenities for your aircraft types, as the differences between a Boeing and Airbus could be a make-or-break for your trip!  

How to Book a Business Class Flight

Before you bust out the credit card, you’ll want to explore some of the various ways to purchase business-class tickets. 

  1. Airline’s direct website – Love flying with Emirates? Have rewards miles with Delta? American Airlines never loses your luggage? Then an excellent way to ensure you end up flying with these airlines is to book directly on their website. However, these direct rates are retail prices, so don’t expect any discounts.
  1. Travel agent – Whether you opt for a traditional travel agency or book with an online travel agency like Expedia, booking with an agent makes it easier to book bundles or bare-bones flights. Business class sometimes has discounts, but the best prices are in basic economy. 
  1. Business Class Experts – Hands down, the best way to find great deals on business class tickets is with Business Class Experts. Plus, our experts have excellent relationships with your favorite airlines, from British Airways and Etihad to Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific, finding you airfare discounts often up to 50% off or more. Give us a call today to see how much you can save on your next adventure in business class! 

It’s important to remember that business class is more expensive than economy on most flights. Despite the price, the in-flight extras and pre-flight comforts make these mid-tier seats worth the higher cost.   

Flying Business Class with Business Class Experts

Flying in business class signifies a sophisticated traveler looking for creature comforts without breaking the bank on luxuries. What originally was once a middle-tier product with airlines worldwide has now become a complex yet premium cabin experience. While most airlines still value business class as that middle price point, some market them as top-of-the-line flights.

Regardless of what you call it, business class often comes with many benefits travelers take advantage of daily. These benefits include everything from more comfortable lie-flat seats to tastier food offerings, all wrapped up in a package that’s more private than economy class. 

Even though business class tickets are more expensive than entry-level airfare, Business Class Experts can find tickets in premium cabins at a fraction of airline-direct prices. Give us a call today for deals you won’t find anywhere else on the internet!