The world of high class air travel is no longer restricted to just the well-off strata of society. If you pay attention, you can find business class seats offering a lot of perks for reasonable prices.

Finding a great deal on airfare is not as hard as it used to be, but pricing can be volatile and vary from one airline to the next, and often from one minute to the next. So is it possible to get a great deal on a business-class ticket?

Luxurious business class, which is just a rung below the elite first class, is a costlier option to the economy section. While the experience varies with each airline, a person flying business class can generally expect a variety of amenities like extra legroom, world-class cuisines, and a variety of gifts such as slippers, sleeping gowns, and toiletries.

A first class experience comes at an exorbitant cost, enough to burn a hole in the pocket of an average person. Business class is a less expensive option that offers a lot of perks and is generally used by company executives who fly often. A heavy curtain or a few steps up the stairs is not the only thing that separates the luxury class from the general seats. The experience can be best described as that of a 5-star hotel, 35000 feet above the surface of Earth.

Most business-class fliers would agree it is more than just extra legroom and well worth the price.

But what if we told you that it’s possible to book a business class ticket at far lower fares than average?

10 Tips For Finding Cheap Business Class Tickets

1. Timing is Everything

Booking at the right time is something of an art. You might consider booking way in advance the most tried and tested method, but that’s not always the cheapest way to go. The booking sweet spot is not six months or more ahead of time, like you’d expect.

The time to start shopping for the cheapest flight deal is just four months before you want to fly. The window, between four months before departure and three weeks before is when you’re liable to find the sweetest deal. Check back often, because prices change as seats fill…or don’t. And don’t wait for the last minute. After that three week deadline, the prices start going up fast.

2. Get Expert Help

Who’s got time to continually check booking sites for the best prices? If that takes more time than you can spare, let the experts at make it easy for you. We’ll keep an eye on fares so you don’t have to, and find the lowest fare when it becomes available.

3. Look At Alternative Airlines

Newer airlines on the market or the airlines of other countries are willing to work harder to impress you. Some offer great prices and more luxurious perks to gain the edge over their competition. Relatively unfamiliar airlines like Qatar, Qantas, Air France, and AirAsia offer an upgraded business class experience with cheaper airfares for long-haul flights than their American counterparts.

Cathay Pacific spacious business class cabin – comfort, privacy, and remarkable luxury

Airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa, and British Airways are well known for their premium cabins and first class flights, but the full luxury experience comes at a hefty first class ticket price point.

Check carefully before you book an economy class ticket expecting to upgrade; some airlines do not allow upgrades or have restrictive rules, and some, such as Cathay Pacific, operate primarily as a business class airline with plenty of upgraded accommodations available.

4. Avoid Popular Hubs

An innovative way to cut costs on business class fares when travelling to popular destinations is to fly into nearby cities and then grab a cheaper flight on a commuter airline to complete your trip.

Not only might the airfare be cheaper for a lesser-known city, but will also ensure that the business class seats don’t sell out as fast. For example, instead of flying from New York JFK to London Heathrow, explore flying from Newark, NJ to London Gatwick or even a neighboring country in Europe.

5. Sign Up For Fare Alerts

To stay updated on price trends, it is best to sign up for your favorite major airlines fare alerts. These alerts will send you a text message or email when rates come down. If you act fast, you may be able to catch a flash sale or sudden drop before the discounted seats are all gone.

American Airlines business class meal: Slow cooked West Country pork belly with fennel seed and white bean cassoulet.

6. Be Flexible

Flexibility is key to grabbing cheap business class flights, especially if your in-flight experience is the priority. Make sure that you are prepared to add a few more days before or after the planned trip to get the best fares in the fray.

Certain days of the week are better to fly and Mondays are a strict no, since prices tend to skyrocket on Monday. The cheapest day to fly within the U.S. is Tuesday, and you’ll find the cheapest international flights on Wednesday.

7. Use An Airline Credit Card

While mid-tier credit cards offer frequent flyer miles and other decent rewards for frequent fliers, the elite cards co-branded by airlines are where the real perks are found. Signing up for an American Airlines Mastercard or a Delta American Express card can lead to lots of airline perks.

8. Fill Empty Seats

There are certain times of the year and in a week when business class sees lower occupancy rates than normal. Holidays and weekends when business travelers are less likely to fly are the best time to grab those empty seats for surprisingly low upgrade rates.

9. Sharpen Your Sales Senses

Like most retailers, many airlines put their best seats on sales at certain times of the year. Keep an eye out for holiday deals, flash sales and other specials.

10. Bid For An Upgrade

Many airlines have special auction sales for the economy and premium economy passengers. The airlines will get in touch with the fliers and give them the option to bid for premium cabins and luxury experience of business class seats through online auctions. Surprisingly, some people are lucky enough to book business class upgrades with astonishingly low bids!


Word of Caution: Avoid Mileage Brokers

Many travelers find themselves engulfed in one of the dozens of traps set up by mileage brokers, who offer tantalizingly low rates on business airfares, especially for long-haul flights. Some fares might seem to be too good to be true…because they are.

Deals sold by mileage brokers are often based on unused miles purchased from businesses, which is strictly against airline terms of service, and in some cases, against the law. If you’re caught, the penalties will include losing your upgrade, your ticket, your member perks, and miles you’ve accumulated.

Flying business class is a much better experience over an economy flight, but getting a great deal that allows you to upgrade for free or lower than normal rates is not going to be a walk in the park. You’ll need patience, diligence, and smart thinking…or expert help.

Are you ready to find the cheapest business class ticket? Contact one of our experienced business class agents today!

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