Google Flights is an online flight search engine that allows users to search, compare, and book flights across various airlines. It displays information from different airlines, online travel agencies, and other platforms to provide users with a comprehensive list of options. Users can customize their searches based on their preferences, making it easy to find what you’re looking for every time you use Google Flights.

Whether you want to get the best deal or have a demanding schedule and need a flight within a specific time frame, Google Flights reveals all your options. This search engine has many flexible search options that save you valuable time. 

Gone are the days of having to search every airline website, compare prices at different airports, or check how fares change on varying days of the week. Google Flights makes it easy to do all this at a glance, as long as you know how to use the platform to your advantage! 

When you couple this platform with our specialized assistance at Business Class Experts, you can find the flight deals you’re looking for every time you fly. Discover how to use Google Flights to find business class seats, and partner with Business Class Experts for a premium-class travel experience on a budget.

The Google Flights Advantage

Google Flights boasts a user-friendly interface with several features that enhance the travel planning and booking experience.

  • Efficient Comparison: This platform helps you compare more than just price, such as number of layovers, airline, flight duration, and emissions. 
  • Flexible Date and Destination: Users can easily adjust their travel dates and explore alternative destinations, allowing for flexibility in planning. This feature makes it possible to find potentially more affordable options.
  • Real-Time Information: Like other online booking websites, such as Expedia, this platform displays the cheapest flights at the exact moment you search. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a great deal only to realize it’s no longer available when you start the booking process. That is unlikely to happen with this flight search engine since the options are only displayed if they are still available.
  • Price Tracking Capabilities: The platform offers a price tracking feature that allows users to monitor any price fluctuations. There are also insights into trend data and average prices at specific times of the year, making it easier to pinpoint when a price is likely to drop. By setting up price alerts, you can book quickly and snag the best deal before others take it! 
  • Integration with Google Account: Google users can sign into their account, making for a more seamless experience. Save your preferences and manage your trip right from your Google Calendar! 

Booking Flights on Google Flights

Now that we’ve explored some of the advantages of Google Flights, let’s take a closer look at the practical aspect of booking flights using the platform. Navigating the Google Flights interface is intuitive and offers a high degree of customization. There’s no wonder why so many travelers love using it! 

  1. Initiate Your Search

Begin your flight search by visiting the Google Flights page. Then, enter your:

  • Departure city or airport
  • Destination
  • Travel dates
  • Number of passengers

Remember that you can search for round-trip, one-way, or multi-city routes, such as:

  • One way to Seattle
  • Round trip from New York City to Los Angeles
  • Multi-City: Miami to London, London to Paris, and Paris to Miami
  1. Customize Your Search Options

Google Flight offers extensive customization options to refine your search. You can:

  • Choose specific airlines—such as United or American—or alliances that allow you to take advantage of miles and loyalty perks. (Keep in mind that Southwest does not share its flight information with Google Flights, so if you want to use this airline, you’ll have to book directly on their website)
  • Explore nonstop options or flights with layovers, depending on your preferred number of stops.
  • Search for flights departing from a city rather than a specific airport to display more flight options.
  • Choose connecting airports on layovers—pick long layovers in specific cities during a trip to Europe to make the most of your visit and save money.
  • Filter for baggage allowance. Some airlines give you a free carry-on, and others don’t. Be sure to factor this into the price if you need to take luggage.
  1. Select a Booking Option

Google Flights integrates with various airlines and online travel agencies to offer multiple options. Once you find a suitable flight, click on it to see different booking options. Choose the best flight deal; a link will redirect you from the Google Flights page to the respective agency or airline to complete the booking. 

Google Flights vs. Traditional Booking Methods

Although Google Flights offers clear advantages, we wouldn’t go so far as to say that traditional booking methods are obsolete. They still have their place in the world of travel planning, and which one to use depends on your unique needs. Understanding the differences between booking on the airline’s website and using Google Flights is crucial to balancing the lowest prices with a comfortable trip.

We’ve already discussed the advantages of Google Flights, but what about the drawbacks? Although there aren’t many, some individuals find the abundance of options overwhelming. If you’re not the most tech-savvy, you may prefer booking with the airline on the phone. 

Additionally, it can be challenging to receive personalized assistance with Google Flights. If you’re traveling with a pet or someone with mobility issues, you may want to call the airline to learn more about their policies and book a flight that you know works for your needs. 

Another thing to remember is that you can often negotiate with booking agents over the phone, allowing for a better deal than you initially thought you could get. 

However, the benefits of booking through traditional methods may be overshadowed by the potentially higher costs and uncertainty of whether you are getting the best deal. You may also find them more time-consuming since you may have to wait to speak to an agent on the phone. 

At Business Class Experts, we ensure you get the best price on last-minute business class flight deals, so you don’t have to wonder whether there’s a better price out there! We also balance costs with factors like layovers and duration so you can get where you are going as soon as possible and comfortably. Plus, with the personalized help of one of our experts, you won’t have to wait on hold to get the attention you deserve! 

Tips for Maximizing Google Flights Bookings

There’s no doubt that Google Flights is an indispensable tool for many travelers. Harness the power it has to get you the best travel deal with the following tips. 

  • Use Flexible Search Options: Explore different dates, airports, and even nearby destinations. This flexibility can help you get deals that wouldn’t be available otherwise.
  • Set Up Price Alerts: Take advantage of Google Flights’ price tracking feature. Set up price alerts for specific routes and dates to receive notifications when prices drop, allowing you to book at the most opportune time.
  • Don’t Stick to the Same Airports: If the destination is what matters most to you, you may be able to get there by traveling to and from several airports. Instead of sticking to one in your search, search with all the airports you are willing to use. 
  • Be Willing to Adjust Travel Dates: Certain times of the year are much more expensive, such as the week of Christmas or spring break. Identify the best travel season for your destination without getting fixed on specific dates.  
  • Set Up Price Tracking: Once you know the cheapest time to fly, set up price alerts. When current prices drop, you’ll be able to book on Google! 

Go Beyond Google Flights’ Deals With Business Class Experts

By incorporating these tips into the flight search process, you can research and book excellent economy-class deals using Google Flights. 

While there’s nothing wrong with getting the cheapest seat you can find, sometimes a trip calls for extra comfort and amenities. If you’re planning an international business trip or just want a better experience next time you fly, contact us at Business Class Experts! We can help you get the lowest price on the highest-quality flights, including first class flights!