Delta doesn’t like to keep things simple and instead opts for confusing titles for each of its cabin offerings. So, let’s break down what each title means. Passengers can book seats in basic economy, which offers the most bare-bones experience possible, with barely a seat to sit on. 

Or, passengers can opt for a main cabin ticket, which is the standard economy class experience, complete with average meals and amenities designed to be an affordable option for families. There are also options to select Delta’s Comfort or Comfort Plus options, which are similar to the main cabin but with a bit more legroom. 

At the top of the food chain is the business class cabin, Delta One, the most premium option possible aboard Delta. It has everything, including an astronomical average airfare cost. But wait! There is actually one last option known as Delta Premium Select. 

In this article, we explore what Delta Premium Select is and the benefits it brings to the travel table. We also examine a few booking options and provide some pros and cons for each. Don’t forget booking premium airfare doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Call Business Class Experts to discover how to save big on business and first-class tickets

What Are Delta Premium Select Seats?

On long-haul flights, passengers typically have three cabins: economy class, premium economy/business class, and first class. However, when flying with Delta for long-haul flights, the options become a little less clear. 

Booking a ticket with Delta gives you three options—economy class, premium select, and Delta One. Economy class is the basic main cabin class with sardine can-like rows, bland dining options, and that one seat you always seem to get that no longer reclines. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you could book a Delta One seat which offers the very best, from full lie-flat seats to premium dining experiences complete with fine steak medallions. Yet a Delta One flight can set you back tens of thousands of dollars for an international flight. 

Luckily, you have another option—the Delta Premium Select cabin. The Delta Premium Select cabin is Delta’s premium economy, which offers wider seats, more legroom, better dining options, and luggage access. 

However, it’s important to note that Delta Premium Select is not available on every long-haul flight. You can find these premium economy seats on wide-body aircraft, such as the Airbus A330-900 Neo, Airbus A350-900, and Boeing 767-400ER, or narrow-body aircraft, like the Boeing 757-200.

The Perks of Delta Premium Select Seats

Now that you know a bit more about Delta Premium Select, let’s take a deep dive into how this premium economy option stacks up against Delta One’s first class and Delta’s standard economy cabin. 

  • More comfortable seats – Delta supplies Premium Select passengers with a similar seat to first class on domestic flights. It’s wider than the main cabin seats and has a deeper recline that makes it easier to find a comfortable position for catching some Zs. Sleep is even easier, thanks to a memory foam pillow and plush blanket to keep out the cold. 
  • Additional legroom (footrest and leg rest) – Joining the more comfortable seat is extra legroom. Passengers flying Premium Select enjoy up to eight inches of more legroom over standard seat spacing, allowing you to stretch out a bit more. Plus, you have access to an adjustable footrest and armrest for added relaxation.  
  • Priority boarding – Premium Select ticket holders receive access to Delta’s Sky Priority service, which provides expedited check-in, security, and baggage service. And, as boarding begins, Premium Select passengers are able to board just behind Delta One passengers and ahead of main cabin. 
  • Premium food/beverages – Shortly after take-off, flight attendants provide Premium Select passengers with a savory snack and sparkling wine. During meal service, passengers have access to elevated menu options served on fine china. Additionally, meals come with complimentary beer, wine, and spirits. 
  • In-seat power ports – Work or play, Delta has you covered with in-seat power ports. And while your devices charge, kick back and watch something on the large in-flight entertainment screen with complimentary access to Delta Studio and noise-canceling headphones (available on most flights).
  • Baggage allowance –  Baggage allowance can vary depending on your destination. However, the typical flight (like Atlanta to London) allows Premium Select passengers to check two bags of up to 50 pounds for free. Passengers can pack one carry-on and one personal bag for in-flight, so long as the size is under 42 linear inches. 
  • Premium amenity kit – Delta recently ditched the Tumi amenity kit for a more premium offering by Someone Somewhere. Enjoy amenities such as eye masks, toothbrushes, and lip balm from Grown Alchemist. While it’s not as fancy as Delta One’s amenity kit, it’s a significant upgrade over economy class. 

Delta’s Premium Select cabin offering sits at the intersection of comfort and affordability. While most passengers want additional comforts while flying, few are willing to fork over a massive chunk of change for a high-end seat. Instead, Premium Select has many creature comforts without a huge price tag. 

Booking Your Delta Premium Select Seats

While Premium Select isn’t available on every long-haul Delta flight, there are ways you can sift through unwanted options, like basic economy or Delta Comfort and Comfort Plus. Here are a few ways you can book a Premium Select seat: 

  • Directly through the Delta Airlines website – Booking a Delta flight directly through the website gives you retail prices. For example, the average flight Between New York’s JFK to London is $2,174. Although the time of year will impact cost, expect to pay full price when booking with this method. 
  • A travel agent or online travel service – Using third-party tools and services is an excellent way to save a few bucks. Usually, a travel agent or online service can find tickets at a discount, but be aware that you usually must give up something for those discounts. Check to ensure refundability, ticket transfer fees, or other restrictions. 
  • Ask for an upgrade at the airport – While it’s less likely you will receive an upgrade at the airport, it is still a possibility. To increase your odds, check out this article about how to land a flight upgrade and use the strategies outlined to secure your spot. Sky Miles passengers have the best odds, so don’t skip the sign-up! 

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Enjoy Affordable Luxury Seats With Business Class Experts

Delta Premium Select may not be the peak of luxury, but it is an affordable way to unlock a higher level of comfort when traveling internationally. Passengers have larger, more comfortable seats, elevated dining offerings, and even amenity kits to arrive feeling a bit more refreshed. 

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