Did you know the longest flight in the world is from Singapore to New York City? The journey is more than 9,500 miles in distance and routinely runs an eye-watering 18 hours and 50 minutes of flight time. 

Even the average flight from the United States to Europe can exceed 10 hours, and with delays, time spent on the tarmac, and taxiing to the gate, the small metal tube can either be a relaxing getaway or the source of nightmares for years to come. 

Delta offers a range of products to passengers at every pricepoint, from the lowest and most basic economy services to the opulent excess of Delta One. In between these two extremes is the Delta Premium Select cabin. 

Delta Premium Select offers a mix of affordability and added comfort over economy class. It offers wide, comfortable seats, priority baggage service, and high-quality meals, but it doesn’t have lie-flat seats for the longest voyages. 

In this article, we explore if Delta Premium Select is worth the upgrade over economy class and whether it’s a better deal than spending the cash on Delta One. Regardless of your final decision, call Business Class Experts to find deep discounts on tickets for your Delta flights! 

Is Delta Premium Select Really Worth It for International Travel? 

Delta’s Premium Select cabin offers some pretty nice upgrades over the standard economy seat. But do those upgrades justify the price and really mean it’s worth it when traveling internationally? The short answer—absolutely! 

Long-haul international flights can last upwards of 19 hours, depending on the route, and sitting in a cramped basic economy or economy class seat sounds like a cruel form of torture. The added comfort and higher-quality meals mean even the most grueling adventures are bearable. 

Although you can find the Delta Premium Select option on several select flights, the Boeing 757 aircraft doesn’t offer the best version of the Premium Select cabin. Instead, hunt for the Airbus A350, A330-900Neo, or Boeing 767. 

Below is a look at what you can expect when you fly in a Delta Premium Select cabin and why it’s an excellent option for upgraded comfort and amenities during international travel. 

Why Book Delta Premium Select for International Flights?

When considering Delta for your next flight, the only options outside of the main cabin are the expensive Delta One or Premium Select. At the same time, the extreme luxury of Delta One is the dream of many travelers, but it can cost an arm and a leg. Premium Select offers appealing perks without the excessive price tag. 

Here’s a look at some of the benefits Delta Premium Select Passengers receive:

  • Spacious, adjustable seat – Delta took the wider seats from domestic first-class cabins and put them in the Premium Select cabin for long-haul flights. These seats offer eight inches of additional leg room over economy seats, recline at a deeper angle for a more relaxing sitting position, and come with adjustable footrests, leg rests, and armrests. 
  • Enhanced in-flight amenities – Premium Select passengers receive a premium Someone Somewhere amenity kit complete with eye masks, a toothbrush, and Grown Alchemist lip balm. Passengers also get a memory foam pillow and plush blanket for added comfort during longer voyages. 
  • Fine dining experience – Meal service is also elevated in Premium Select, as passengers enjoy fine dining on fine eco-conscious flatware. Flight attendants also provide an elegant snack and sparkling wine just after take-off to start the journey off right. 
  • SkyPriority boarding and baggage allowance – Like Delta One, Premium Select passengers have access to SkyPriority check-in, security, and boarding. Although there is no airport lounge access, passengers still have priority boarding ahead of main cabin passengers. Additionally, travelers may check two free bags when in Premium Select. 
  • In-flight entertainment – Delta Premium Select provides passengers with a generous 13.3-inch in-flight entertainment screen with complimentary Delta Studio access and noise-canceling headphones. It’s the perfect excuse to catch up on the latest season of your favorite shows. 

The only areas where Delta One has a significant advantage over Premium Select are the lie-flat seats and airport lounge access. While you also receive an even higher level of dining, complimentary beverages, and amenity kit, the price jump is rarely worth it. 

Affording Delta Premium Select Seats for International Travel

Like other premium economy cabins, Delta Premium Select offers a modest price increase over main cabin seats while also providing an elevated experience. Despite the added perks of Premium Select, the average round-trip ticket from JFK to London will set you back $2,174 or more. Here are a few ways you can save on your next international trip when flying with Delta in Premium Select. 

Book With a Travel Agency

Booking directly with the airline is the best way to part with more of your money than necessary. Instead, partnering with a travel agent, online travel agency (OTA), or travel expert can save you big on international flights. 

Although many OTAs and in-person agents offer bundling options, the best way to save the most on premium cabins is with Business Class Experts. Business Class Experts can help you find first and business-class seats, even last-minute, at a fraction of direct airline pricing. 

Utilize SkyMiles

The Delta Airlines SkyMiles program allows passengers with an American Express credit card to earn miles on everyday purchases. You can then convert these miles into tickets for main cabin, Delta Comfort, Comfort Plus, Premium Select, and Delta One seats. 

Spending more than $3,000 per year on your credit card opens Medallion status, which earns miles faster. Delta SkyMiles also provides award tickets with several partner airlines, including Virgin Atlantic, KLM, and Air France. 

Try for an Upgrade

SkyMiles is an excellent way to unlock award tickets in more premium cabins. However, you can always try for an upgrade at the airport, even if you don’t have a SkyMiles membership. Our article here explores how to improve your chances of getting an upgrade using a variety of reliable methods. 

It’s still better to secure your spot in Premium Select well before your travel date. That’s why we recommend booking with Business Class Experts. The team at Business Class Experts uses years of industry experience to find the best prices, so you can avoid the stress of navigating complicated upgrade procedures. Call us today to see how much you can save! 

International Travel Made Affordable With Business Class Experts

Delta made high-end international travel more affordable by offering the Premium Select option for long-haul flights. With wide seats that recline more than economy seats, meals that resemble fine dining, and upscale amenity kits, the extra cost over economy class make Premium Select a worthwhile upgrade. 

When the cost of Delta One stretches upwards of $7,000 for a flight from Atlanta to London, passengers deserve a more affordable selection. Premium Select fills that need with prices at a much more affordable range. Save even more by calling Business Class Experts with your next itinerary. Premium airfare has never been more affordable!