Business class flights to Europe have long been alluring for travelers seeking a comfortable flying experience. However, in recent years, airlines have been making strides toward improving the business class experience, and even those accustomed to economy class can’t help but be tempted. 

One of the growing trends in the airline industry is lie flat seats that allow passengers in business class to recline or lay down during the flight. These are especially ideal on red-eye flights because passengers arrive at their destination well-rested and refreshed after a comfortable flight. 

Business class is also famous for the higher level of attention provided, including a flight attendant that serves that section exclusively. There are more in-flight snacks, beverages, and meals, which are also better quality. Some airlines even offer gourmet meals prepared by chefs and fine wine. 

In addition to the in-flight perks, there is the added advantage of priority check-in, boarding, and security screening. This advanced check-in saves you time and keeps you from waiting in line during your time at the airport. Instead, you can sit back and relax in a lounge designed to meet your needs as a business traveler. 

When you consider the difference between the economy and business class experience, it’s no wonder that a growing number of travelers are deciding to splurge on a better fare. 

Thankfully, the increased desire for these fares also means more airlines are revamping their business class on popular routes to Europe. And, due to the airline industry’s competitive nature, these fares can often be found at affordable prices, even for the average traveler. In this article, we’ll help you learn how you can find and take advantage of business class deals! 

How to Book Cheap Business Class Tickets to Europe

There’s no simple trick to booking cheap business-class tickets. Rather, it’s a combination of tricks and methods that can help you find business class fares at low prices. Here are our top tips! 

Timing is Everything When Booking

Timing is one of the most important factors when booking business class seats. If you’re looking for a good deal, you’ll want to avoid peak seasons when the demand is high. You’re unlikely to find an affordable rate on a first-class or business-class ticket in the summer or around the holidays. On the other hand, when you book during times of low demand, airlines are likely to discount these seats instead of letting them sit empty. 

Thanks to features like price alerts, you don’t have to check the prices constantly. Many airlines and Google Flights send you notifications when the flights you track drop, making it easy to monitor and book business class flights at lower prices. 

Choose Your European Destination Wisely

Whether or not you can score a deal on business class also depends on your desired route. If you have some flexibility, you can choose a destination around the price and unlock savings on your European trip. 

We recommend comparing major European hubs with lesser-known airports. Typically, larger airports attract multiple global airlines, creating intense competition. The result is better deals in these hubs. However, you should wait to rule out small airports. Sometimes, they offer surprisingly low deals, especially when the demand for routes into bigger cities is high.  

Ultimately, your final destination will determine whether you can get business class flight deals. If you’re headed somewhere that’s especially popular or trending, you may have to compete with the hoards of travelers with the same plan in mind. Yet, if you think outside the box and are willing to explore lesser-known cities, you can often get a better deal while enjoying an authentic cultural experience.  

Utilize Travel Agencies and Expert Networks

Navigating the complex world of business-class travel isn’t always straightforward. It helps to align yourselves with experts in the industry. They can help you access a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Exclusive Deals: Travel agencies can get promotional deals and offers not readily available to the public. Sometimes, they make deals directly with airlines, which they can use to get their customers the best business class rates. 
  • Insider Knowledge: Agents know the latest secrets to getting a great deal on airfare, which can be challenging in the ever-changing industry. They know when to book, what destinations are more affordable, and which airlines are running promotions. 
  • Personalized Service: In a world where most services are run by artificial intelligence, getting personalized help from a real person is special. Travel agents at reputable agencies care about your preferences, ask questions to help meet your needs, and take care of any special requests you may have. 

Business Class Experts can help you uncover deals on business class flights, even at the last minute

Leverage Airline Loyalty and Reward Programs

Airline loyalty and reward programs are a frequent flyer’s best friend. They come with valuable perks, such as upgraded seating, priority boarding, and access to lounges. Best yet, they can save you thousands of dollars a year on flights, especially if you know how to leverage them. 

One of the ways to maximize your reward points is by opening a credit card that partners with the airline. Most airlines offer special introductory offers like bonus miles, statement credits, or double points. Using your credit card to get miles when you spend can help you rack up free flights rather quickly. Sometimes, you can get an entire round-trip premium economy flight with the bonus points you earn from an introductory offer. However, they also work great for upgrading a long-haul flight to business class. 

Just like when you purchase flights with money, being flexible with your dates can help you get great deals with miles. Often, airlines are willing to lower the mile value of business-class flights at the last minute, resulting in incredible deals!

Compare and Contrast Airlines

Another major factor in getting a great deal is the airline you choose. Taking the time to research and compare different carriers and class offerings is essential. This helps you find the features that matter most to you and search for only the airlines that offer those amenities. 

We recommend visiting the airlines’ websites to discover what they offer. You may find that some airlines offer their lay-flat seats in business class while others only provide them in first class. 

Moreover, some airlines have limited routes that require passengers to spend hours at the layover destination. For example, if you’re headed from Miami to Madrid on Turkish Airlines, you may need to have a layover in Istanbul—several hours east of your destination. The result is a longer flight, but you may get a better deal. Depending on your preferences, you may be okay with the flight time if you get to enjoy a luxurious flight. 

Here are some of the airlines we recommend for business-class flight deals:

We offer information about each of these airlines on our website, so we invite you to check out the ones that interest you most. We also recommend reading reviews and ratings, which can provide valuable information from fellow travelers. Their feedback on service quality, comfort, and overall satisfaction can help you choose an airline that aligns with your preferences and needs. 

Nowadays, business class airlines, such as La Compagnie, don’t have any economy seats. Sometimes, these companies offer excellent promotions that score you a lie-flat seat on a nonstop route across the Atlantic. However, they only fly out of New York/Newark (EWR) and have destinations in France and Italy, which are limited to Paris, Nice, and Milan.

Remain Flexible and Open to Opportunities

One of the best things you can do when hunting for a good deal is remain flexible. If you do, you can jump on any deal that comes your way, even those that take you to unexpected places on airlines you’ve never tried before. 

If you’re itching for a trip to Barcelona, Spain, but the prices are too high, why not explore Lisbon, Portugal, or Rome, Italy, instead? Business class to London Heathrow may be through the roof, so why not head to Dublin? Keeping an open mind can help you get the best prices and ultimately lead to amazing destinations. 

Of course, you don’t have to forego your dream destination either. You may instead opt for a long layover on your way. Stopping in Frankfurt on your way to Munich may just give you the chance to explore two cities in Germany in one trip. The ticket is bound to be much cheaper, too. 

If you have an adventurous soul, you’ll especially want to subscribe to airline newsletters and follow them on social media to be the first to know about flash sales and last-minute offers. These are time-sensitive and first-come-first-serve, but if you act quickly, you can find affordable business-class seats for a spontaneous vacation. 

Business Class Experts: Your Passport to Affordable Airfare

If you’re headed to Europe, why settle for anything less than business class? Using the tips in this article can increase your odds of getting a great deal on comfortable seats and top-notch amenities. Of course, the search can be time-consuming, so if you’d rather leave it to the experts, contact Business Class Experts today! We can get the best prices on first and business class flights to your preferred destinations!