Start Your Adventure to Ireland

Ireland is famous for its pubs, castles, and Celtic culture. And the beautiful landscape, historic cities, and tasty whiskey lead to legions of travelers adding the Emerald Island to their bucket lists. 

But traveling aboard economy class doesn’t sound like a trip many want to make, especially with airlines toying with ideas of even more cramped conditions, fewer amenities, and a lower quality of service. 

On the other end of the spectrum, a first-class flight to Dublin, Shannon, or Knock can cost passengers more than $10,000 per ticket. Those prices place additional comfort at an unrealistic cost premium. 

That makes business class the only option for the average person to buy a higher level of service at an affordable cost. But direct airline pricing can still demand several thousand dollars. Don’t overpay; book with Business Class Experts and cut the price in half

Preparing for Your Business Class Flight

Ireland is home to more than dark beer and heavy accents; it’s also home to big businesses. Those businesses include Aer Lingus, Ireland’s national carrier, which provides flights to and from the U.S., using airports like New York’s JFK, Chicago’s ORD, and Washington, D.C.’s IAD. However, if you plan to take a business-class flight to Ireland, you’ll want to prepare first.

Browse Business Class Seats

Flights from Boston’s BOS only take an average of about six hours, but if you’re flying from San Francisco’s SFO, that flight lasts nearly twice as long. Why spend so much time cramped in an uncomfortable economy-class seat? 

Instead, spend that time relaxing in a business class cabin. In business class, passengers have more seat room, better dining selections, and access to airport amenities. As you plan your trip, browse for business class seats aboard your favorite airlines. 

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Choose Round-Trip, Layover, and Multi-City Options

Passengers flying business class have several options for destination airports in Ireland, including Dublin’s DUB and Shannon International SNN. These airports receive direct flights from United States airports, including:

  • Los Angeles LAX
  • Newark EWR
  • Orlando MCO
  • Miami MIA
  • Chicago ORD

Of course, these are but a handful of airports offering direct flights to Irish cities. Additionally, passengers can find business class tickets on non-stop flights aboard popular airlines such as:

  • British Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Iberia
  • American Airlines

There are always opportunities to book flights from other airports and airlines, like KLM, Air France, or SWISS — if you are okay with layovers, want a multi-city adventure, or are hoping to rack up loyalty points with one of these carriers.

Discover Deals and Discounts

Only fools overpay for their airfare. Before you book, always look for the best prices. There are always flight deals around every corner; you just have to look. Take booking business class flights, for example. By calling Business Class Experts, you can save 50% or more on the best business class seats. 

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Review Luggage Allowance

Business class flight tickets allow passengers more generous baggage allowances than economy class. Typically airlines allow baggage up to 32 kilograms (70 pounds) versus the standard 23 kilograms (50 pounds). 

The number of checked bags is also usually higher, sitting at an average of two per passenger. In the rare case that business class acts as the first class cabin, such as United’s Polaris, the allowance can be as many as three checked bags. 

Some airlines may allow business class passengers additional carry-on luggage allowance, bumping the number to two bags plus a personal item, such as a purse or laptop bag.

Enjoy Luxurious Amenities 

The best part about business class travel is the amenities. Flying in a premium cabin is a more enjoyable experience because of the elevated treatment passengers receive. Extra luxuries business class passengers enjoy include:

  • More comfortable seats, with many offering lie-flat beds. 
  • Expedited check-in, security, and boarding
  • Access to airport lounges 
  • In-flight Wi-Fi and larger workspaces
  • Upgraded meals paired with fine wines

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Popular Business Class Airlines to Ireland

We touched on a few popular airlines that provide non-stop flights to Ireland, but now let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect flying with the most iconic few. Grab your travel dates, and explore flying business class among travelers’ favorite carriers.

British Airways

British Airways is the premier carrier for the United Kingdom and also supports several routes through Ireland. The airline rebranded its business class cabin, calling it Club World, and the renovated seats are peak modernity. 

Passengers flying Club World with British Airways to Ireland enjoy large 12-inch entertainment displays, meals with flavors from around the world, and private seats that convert into full beds. The average flight from New York to the Dublin airport will run about $3,900 without a discount. 

United Airlines

One of America’s most famous airlines is United, and the Polaris cabin is a new spin on business class seats. The United Polaris cabin is a sleep-centric flight experience complete with high-end luxury bedding. 

The sleep theme continues to the amenities, which include slippers, ear plugs, eye masks, skincare items, and even pajamas for longer flights. Meals are upscale, beverages are complimentary, and passengers receive dedicated flight attendants. Flights cost roughly $8,100 before discounts. 


Many business travelers rate Lufthansa as one of Europe’s most premium airlines. In 2022, the carrier updated business class on Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft, also improving the business class experience for passengers. 

The improvements Lufthansa brought to business class include larger overhead luggage bins, more space for each seat, and human-centric light, based on the circadian rhythm of humans. Of course, passengers get elevated meals and upgraded entertainment systems. Business class on Lufthansa to Dublin average $4,100. 

Delta Airlines

Delta’s business class to Ireland will be in the Delta One cabin, a first-class-like experience worth every penny. Passengers have enhanced privacy, lie-flat beds, and Someone Somewhere amenities kits that include sleep-focused amenities. 

Aboard Delta One, the meals are premium and pair with premium wines and beers. You can consume endless entertainment or charge up for some deep work with included power outlets. Flights to Dublin in Delta One will set you back around $7,750 without any discounts. 

Check Ireland Off Your Bucket List with Business Class Experts

Ireland is a dream destination for many, and for many more, it’s a work destination. Regardless of why you’re heading to Europe’s doorstep, you’ll want to travel in comfort and style not possible in an economy class cabin. 

Passengers are turning to business class tickets for a taste of first class luxury without paying first class prices. And, with a bit of planning, flying to any of Ireland’s beautiful cities in business class can be the best way to travel. 

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