In 2022, U.S. airlines carried 853 million passengers, a 30% increase from the previous year. This statistic is good news for travelers—airlines tend to respond to increased demand with new routes and promotions. These tactics help them attract more travelers who love a good deal. 

In this guide to cheap international flights, you’ll find a wealth of information compiled by our team at Business Class Experts. Finding the best deals on flights is our forte, and we’re sharing some of our inside knowledge with you! Whether you’re looking to fly Delta or another airline, these tips will help you make smart choices that set you up for a better deal. 

If you want to learn all this and more, keep reading! We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Ready to Explore? Find Affordable International Flights
  • Trust Delta to Get You to Your International Destination
  • Build Your Loyalty With Other International Airlines

Ready to Explore? Find Affordable International Flights

Planning a trip abroad is an exciting experience, but depending on your destination, airfare can be pricey. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to go to some of the most popular destinations in Europe! All you need to do is learn the secrets of finding affordable flights.

From using the right search parameters to signing up for loyalty programs, this resource will give you plenty of ideas (and expert tips) for saving on your next trip.

Of course, we’ve all heard about the importance of the “booking window”. But no one really seems to know when the best time to book airfare is. This guide takes the guesswork out of navigating the best time to book so you can plan to travel when it’s most affordable. 

  • Be Prepared: The Best Time to Book International Flights

If you’re dreaming of a European adventure, learn more tips specific to the continent in this article. Find out how to plan, what times to avoid, and how being flexible can help you see the same country for less! 

If you’re short on time, you may be disappointed with the flight prices you’re seeing for your desired dates. After all, last-minute flights can be incredibly expensive, especially in peak season. What can you do to get a better deal? Find out here!

Trust Delta to Get You to Your International Destination

Delta was named the top U.S. airline by the Wall Street Journal in 2022, and with good reason. It presents flyers with a choice of 280 destinations on six different continents, making it easy to explore the world!

Of course, if it’s your first time flying with Delta on a long-haul route, you’ll want to know what to expect. Learn more about traveling internationally with the airline in the following article. 

If you’ve decided on Delta, you’ll want to learn these airline-specific tips for getting a better deal on your next flight. That includes becoming a SkyMiles loyalty member and learning how to take full advantage of this program for maximum savings and perks. Learn all about this in the guide below.

  • Delta’s Secrets: How To Score Cheap International Flights

International flights aren’t known for comfort, especially in economy class. But choosing Delta Premium Select is one way to make the most of your time aboard the plane. Is this fare worth the price tag? And if so, how can you get the same seat for less? Find out in the guide below!

Google Flights can be a helpful tool for anyone looking to book a flight, but did you know you can narrow your search to Delta flights? Learn how to use this tool to get a deal with Delta Airlines!

Build Your Loyalty With Other International Airlines

You don’t have to fly Delta to get a good deal. In fact, if you’re flexible as to the airline you use, you may discover some of the best deals out there! Even still, you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into before choosing just any airline since it can make or break the experience. Familiarize yourself with other international airlines in these guides. 

American Airlines is another one of the top U.S. airlines with a reputation for quality service. Its wide range of international destinations makes it ideal for international travelers. Find out more about the airline, their destinations, and the experience onboard. 

Virgin Atlantic is another great airline for cheap flights because they offer last-minute deals. If you have the availability, you can get a great deal on destinations in Asia, the Caribbean, South Africa, and more! Here’s a complete guide on Virgin Atlantic!

Turkish Airlines is another airline that operates internationally, with destinations all over Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This article will walk you through what it’s like to travel with Turkish Airlines in business class. 

United Airlines is another great option for international flights. If you’ve already traveled in business class with them within the United States, see how their first class seats compare! Although these seats aren’t known for their cheap prices, Business Class Experts can help you save up to 70% on your fare, making these types of tickets within your desired price range.

Book With Business Class Experts for the Most Affordable Price

Finding the best deal on international flights isn’t always easy. There is so much to consider, and for many people, the experience is overwhelming. Others find that spending hours browsing the internet for deals and constantly checking tickets isn’t worth the money saved. After all, time is money! 

At Business Class Experts, we know your time is valuable. That’s why we want to help you get the best deals on your next international flight. Contact us today!