Did you know that sleeping on a plane can significantly reduce the symptoms of jet lag? Unfortunately, catching some Zs on an airplane is easier said than done, especially if you’re squished in a small economy seat. 

No doubt, having a comfortable and seamless international flight gets the trip off on the right foot. It ensures you arrive at your destination rested and relaxed rather than stressed and tired.

After all, long-haul flights and the jet lag that often accompanies them can be taxing and prevent you from enjoying yourself at your destination. 

Having the right amenities can make all the difference between a pleasant or dreadful flight. 

Passengers who want to make the most of their trip should prioritize spacious seating, quality meals, and entertainment that helps them relax. 

Delta Airlines provides all of these amenities at a competitive price. The airline is committed to passenger comfort and provides options that cater to the needs of everyone onboard. This allows passengers to have an enjoyable experience from the time they check in at the airport. 

If you’re looking for an airline that provides reliability and a vast network of flights, keep reading! In this article, we’ll discuss Delta flight destinations and the overall experience of passengers who choose to fly this airline. Then, we’ll share a few tips for saving on your next Delta Airlines flight. 

Visit Every Delta Airlines International Location

Delta Airlines can take you to numerous international airports, serving as a gateway to diverse continents and cultures. 

Hub locations have the most international departures. For Delta, the largest hub is Atlanta (ATL)—the world’s biggest hub and most traveled airport. There are also hubs in:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (BOS)
  • Detroit, Michigan (DTW)
  • London-Heathrow, England (LHR)
  • Los Angeles, California (LAX)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (MEX)
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP)
  • New York (JFK and LaGuardia)
  • Paris, France (Charles de Gaulle)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)
  • Seattle, Washington (SEA)
  • Seoul, South Korea (ICN)
  • Tokyo, Japan (HDN)

The number of international airports that serve as Delta hubs highlight its reach and commitment to seamless journeys around the globe. Whether you live near one of these major airports or take a connecting flight, you can usually get a direct route from a hub to your international destination. 

Of course, Delta flies to other locations, too—280 in total! About 4,000 daily flights take Delta passengers to six different continents. You can find direct international flights from locations like Miami, Orlando, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

The Delta Airlines International Flight Experience

So you’ve got your destination in mind—now what? In this section, we’ll walk you through what it’s like to be a Delta passenger, no matter which ticket you select. 

Delta Seat Selection

On international flights, Delta has four special categories for passengers who want extra perks. 

  • Comfort+: Although passengers with this fare are still in the main cabin, they have better seating and additional perks. 
  • Premium Economy: This fare provides reclined seats, priority services, and in-flight benefits. 
  • First Class: First class brings you the finest experience available on short flights, such as destinations in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 
  • Delta One: The most luxurious of all the fares, Delta One is the ultimate experience onboard long-haul flights, such as those to Europe. 

Ready for take-off? Let’s see what you’ll experience as you head to the airport. 

Airport Arrival 

From the moment you arrive at the airport, Delta does its best to make its passengers feel special. Check out some of the perks of flying Comfort+, Premium Select, or Delta One. 

Sky Priority

If you hate waiting in long lines, you’ll want to use Sky Priority. This service expedites check-in, ensures you get your bags first at the carousel, and gets you on the plane sooner. At some airports, Sky Priority also gives you access to exclusive security lines. 

Sky Priority isn’t available to all Delta passengers, but you are eligible to use the service as a:

  • Medallion member with Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status
  • Delta One passenger
  • Delta Premium Select passenger
  • First Class passenger

Delta Sky Club

Luxury lounges make the pre-flight experience much more enjoyable. Rather than sitting among a crowd in uncomfortable chairs, head to the Delta Sky Club. There, you’ll have access to amenities, such as:

  • Healthy meals
  • Bar access
  • Complementary Wi-Fi
  • Satellite TV
  • Showers
  • Flight assistance

Although membership is available for purchase, you can also enjoy access as a Delta One passenger. If you fly frequently with Delta, you may also be eligible as a Medallion member, depending on your status

Additional Baggage Allowance

All Delta passengers get a free carry-on and personal item, but special fares include additional baggage at no cost. Here’s how many bags you can check, depending on your ticket.  

Comfort+: One free bag (50lb limit)

Premium Select: Two free bags (50lb limit)

First Class and Delta One: Two free bags (70lb limit)

Medallion members and those with Delta partner credit cards are also eligible for one free bag

In-Flight Amenities 

The in-flight experience is what really sets the classes apart. Whether you choose Comfort+, Premium Select, First Class, or Delta One, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what to expect.


Comfort+ is an upgraded main cabin ticket. In addition to the benefit of being able to change your ticket at no additional cost, you can also:

  • Board early and deplane faster
  • Enjoy premium snacks
  • Store your carry-on in an exclusive bin

Of course, the major benefit of Comfort+ is being able to stretch out. With at least three inches of extra legroom, this ticket is a great choice for those who like to have their space. 

Premium Select

Premium Select is a new cabin with reclining seats that allow you to put your feet up. These seats are also wider and more comfortable than the ones in the main cabin. Passengers in this class also get an exclusive dining experience with snacks, beverages, and meals designed just for them. 

On long-haul flights, passengers receive free amenities to ensure their comfort, such as hygiene essentials, socks, memory foam pillows, and an eye mask. 

First Class

The First-Class experience is all about personalized service. Choose from exclusive snacks and meals, enjoy a beverage, and spread out while you watch a movie. There’s plenty of space thanks to the eight extra inches of space in first class seats.

Delta One

When you fly Delta One, your seat transforms into a bed, so you can lie flat the entire journey. This makes sleeping on the plane a lot easier, especially since Delta provides cushy pillows and a duvet. 

If you prefer to stay awake during the flight, you’ll have plenty of privacy to work or relax. Put on your complimentary slippers and watch a film! In the Delta One cabin, you’ll also enjoy premium dining, wine pairings, and meals put together by chefs. 

Booking Your Delta Airlines International Flight

There’s no doubt that flying with Delta can make your next adventure abroad much more comfortable. When it comes time to book, use these tips to snag the best deal or class.

  • Join the Medallion Program. Medallion members get unlimited upgrades for free, accumulate miles, priority boarding, and free baggage. All of these perks save you money and improve your experience with the airline. 
  • Consider Rewards Credit Cards. SkyMiles American Express Cards are another way to rack up miles faster. Use these miles to book flights in the cabin of your choice.
  • Book in Advance. If you want a specific ticket, such as a first class flight, it’s best to book in advance. Usually, you can book up to a year in advance, depending on the route. 
  • Choose the Off-Season. If you want the same seat for a lower price, travel during the off-season. Even changing your trip a few weeks can help you score a better price, especially near the holidays and summer. 
  • Sign Up for Price Alerts. Price alerts are an excellent way to get the ticket you want at an affordable price. Although the flight you want won’t always drop to a bargain price, you’ll be notified if it does. This method is best for those who are flexible with travel plans. 
  • Let Business Class Experts Help. Even those who use the above tips don’t have access to some of the best deals on premium flights. If you want to fly business or first class, Business Class Experts can help! Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll score you an unbeatable ticket. 

Business Class Experts Handles Your Airfare Needs

Delta Airlines international flights offer a high level of comfort, with several classes to choose from. Of course, the ultimate experience on long flights is in the Delta One cabin. Although this fare can be costly if you purchase directly from Delta, there are ways to save! 
With the help of Business Class Experts, you can get round trip first class flights at the best prices possible. Contact us today to learn more!