Flying Delta Premium Select vs. Delta One

Delta is one of America’s most loved carriers and one of the longest-running airlines in the western hemisphere. Since its founding in 1928, Delta constantly strives to meet the demands of an air-hungry public. 

The classic airfare model of economy/business/first class is no longer the standard, and like its competitors, Delta now offers a wide range of cabin classes ranging from the basic economy class with bare-bones services to the world-class top-end private suites. 

Each cabin class could fill an article of its own, but today, we focus on the top two products—Delta Premium Select and Delta One. 

Premium Select is a more comfortable option for travelers that need something better than the main cabin. And Delta One is for those passengers who expect the very best in air travel. 

We explore both options in detail so you can make the best decision possible for your next international trip. 

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What To Know About Delta Premium Select

Premium Select is the Delta premium economy cabin on long-haul flights and offers more legroom, wider seats, and better dining options during meal service. It is an ideal cabin for travelers looking to add more amenities to their flight without spending a ton. But is Delta Premium worth it when deciding between Delta Comfort Plus and Delta One? 

Checking In for Your Flight

Unlike main cabin tickets, Delta Premium Select Seats come with SkyPriority access, which means travelers get expedited check-in, security, and priority boarding privileges. While these pre-flight benefits make the airport experience a bit better, there is no complimentary lounge access. Instead, Delta SkyMiles passengers can gain access to Delta SkyClub by becoming medallion members. 

Baggage Allowance

Delta gives Premium Select passengers a competitive baggage allowance for international flights, and you also get priority baggage service when you land. Premium select passengers can have up to two checked bags up to 50 pounds each and no longer than 62 inches in total length. 

Delta passengers can have one carry-on bag and one personal item, like a purse, backpack, or messenger bag. The Premium Select cabin has dedicated overhead bins above the seats for easy access and guaranteed space.  

In-Flight Amenity Options 

In order to stand out against the competition, Delta supplies Premium Select passengers with an elevated in-flight experience, starting with comfortable seats. These seats feature a larger recline range, extra legroom, adjustable footrests, leg rests, armrests, and a memory foam pillow and extra-soft blanket. 

Shortly after take-off, flight attendants provide Premium Select passengers with a snack and sparkling wine. Meal service consists of fine dining menu options with complimentary wine, beer, and spirits served on eco-friendly flatware. 

Relaxation is effortless, thanks to in-flight entertainment loaded with Delta Studio, more than 1,000 hours of content, and noise-canceling headphones. Plus, arrive refreshed with the help of the Someone Somewhere amenity kit featuring Grown Alchemist lip balm, socks, and a toothbrush. 

Average Airfare Cost

A Premium Select ticket costs more than an economy-class seat but not nearly as much as a first-class product. Let’s look at a flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam to get an idea of what the average round-trip Premium Select ticket will cost. 

Searching for airfare during the last two weeks of September gives an average price of $3,306 per round-trip Premium Select ticket. Of course, purchasing with a Delta Airlines American Express credit card earns miles that can unlock discounted future tickets. 

What To Know About Delta One

Delta’s most premium option, known as Delta One, is technically a business-class product but is a first class experience on long-haul flights. The Delta One Suites offer total privacy, luxurious lie-flat seats, and perks you won’t find in any other Delta cabin. 

Checking In for Your Flight

You get the best treatment as a Delta One passenger, starting at the airport. The SkyPriority access provides accelerated check-in and security services, allowing you to arrive at the lounge well before take-off. You can find Delta SkyClub lounges in airports around the world, including: 

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York (JFK and La Guardia), New York
  • Paris, France

Delta SkyClub lounges offer pre-flight meals, spirits, and even travel assistance to make your adventure as smooth as possible. After relaxing in the lounge, enjoy priority boarding with access to your seat before any other passengers. 

Baggage Allowance

Like Delta Premium Select, passengers flying in Delta One have a decent complimentary baggage allowance. Passengers make check up to two bags that weigh less than 70 pounds, which is 20 more than Premium Select. 

Likewise, passengers in Delta One are still able to bring one carry-on bag and one personal bag. While there are no weight restrictions for carry-on luggage, each bag must be smaller than 45 linear inches. 

In-Flight Amenity Options

The in-flight amenities are where Delta One establishes itself as a premium cabin offering. Delta One suites feature full-height doors, 180-degree flat-bed seats, and extra-soft pillows and blankets for total comfort.

Meals in Delta One are not only fine dining quality but chef-curated, and each meal pairs with expertly chosen fine wines and spirits. Enjoy each meal on an extra-large tray table that makes it seem like you’re in a restaurant above the clouds. 

Delta One passengers also have almost unlimited content to consume, thanks to private entertainment screens loaded with Delta Studio. Passengers looking to stay productive can purchase onboard Wi-Fi to stay connected from take-off to touch-down. 

Plus, arrive totally refreshed with the premium Someone Somewhere products that replaced the Tumi amenity kit. Each kit comes with slippers, Grown Alchemist skin care products, and an eye mask.    

Average Airfare Cost

Delta One is a premium product for the sophisticated traveler, and the cost of airfare reflects that luxury. Using our Atlanta to Amsterdam example from the Premium Select section above, we can see how much more expensive a round-trip flight costs.

Using the same time period and on the same international route, the cost of a Delta One ticket averages an outstanding $8,347 for a refundable boarding pass. While that’s more than double the price of a Premium Select ticket, the extra luxury, privacy, and comfort are arguably double. 

Book Your Next Delta Flight With Business Class Experts

Delta’s wide range of airfares means that travelers with any budget can find a ticket that suits their needs. However, passengers who demand more comfort and extra amenities turn to the Delta Premium Select and Delta One cabins. 

Where Delta One is the most premium option available, Premium Select has enough perks and comfort to justify the cost over an economy seat. Whether you choose Delta One’s extreme luxury or the modest comfort of Premium Select, call Business Class Experts to book your next Delta flight to save 50% or more on airfare.